• Do you need greater Business Control and Predictability ?
  • Do you need a new strategy to stay in business ?
  • Do you need to remove waste from your business?

For many years a rising tide has lifted all boats. Even the boats that were full of waste and variation. Of course, we are talking about businesses, and even those businesses full of waste have survived because the economies were doing well.

Now, the tide has gone down, and any boat full of waste will crash on the rocks. It ‘s time for a radical change. John Dennis and Chris Alcock propose you some mandatory survival solutions. It’s worthy to listen them.




John Dennis, MBA, PMP, LSS Black Belt

John Dennis is a Master Black Belt in Lean Six Sigma and Director at Lean Six Sigma Training Ltd, UK and also the current Chairman of the International Lean Six Sigma Institute (iLSSi.org). He is a seasoned practitioner, coach and trainer on Process Improvement, Quality control, Lean Management and Project Management in Manufacturing, Engineering and Information Systems environments. John has worked with Operations Managers and Executives in Capability Transfer via coaching and Capability Building to educate them in the application of Lean and Six Sigma methodologies.

Christopher (Chris) Alcock, LSS Black Belt, Prince 2 Practicioner in PM

Process Improvement Consultant and Training Instructor in Lean Six Sigma, Chris is dedicated to helping organizations achieve operational excellence and performance improvement. If organizational transformation and process improvement is about solving business problems, then Chris’s approach is to help you use Lean Six Sigma to ensure you solve the right problems, which is not always the same as the ones which are initially looked at. He has a demonstrated ability to deliver cost-effective innovative solutions and continuous improvement that fulfils business goals, and has led projects which delivered outstanding gains in cost saving, product lead-time and culture change across the full span of an organization.

For the Q&A session:
  • Constantin Stan -Managing Partner Enviso
  • Paul Allen-Owner at Allen & Partners

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