4th Edition • August, 11th
InterContinental Hotel, 2nd floor Terrace • Bucharest
Note: The event may be organized online in the case that current context will exclude the indoor venues.


The Diplomat – Bucharest organized the 4th edition of Workplace of the Future on August, 11, 2020 at Intercontinental Hotel Terrace, right in the heart of Bucharest.

The modern workplace is an undergoing process, constantly evolving to meet the expectations of the most valuable asset of a company: its people.
The effects of a positive workplace – welcoming, efficient and safe mirrors in greater profitability, higher productivity and higher customer ratings.
The platform economy is the global common workplace

The modern workplace becomes a dynamic and living platform, sometimes, shapeless and abstract. The remote work and the more and more flexible work structures give the workplace a different definition, beyond the traditional paradigm. Today, the workplace needs to address all the changes in the economy: the cultural exchange, the green energy-focus, the healthy, safety and privacy issues all converging to meeting the business objectives.
The workplace transformation is a powerful vehicle for inspiring further innovation and ideas incubation.

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