Ma.Ra Logistics has storage spaces with fast access to the beltway of Bucharest and Motorway A2, which facilitates fast access to any area of the country. You will permanently know the situation of your stocks through the merchandise management system. Our warehouse benefits from video surveillance and 24/7 security so that the goods are stored safely. We can store different types of general goods: bulk, parcels, basins, atypical pallets, europallets, garments on hangers, goods that do not require controlled temperature, consumer goods, electronics, high-tech, personal care products, household products , interior design, furniture, metallurgical industry, spare parts, etc. In addition to the storage services we provide you goods handling services as well as related services as follows: • Loading and unloading services on the ramp, possibility of loading with forklift. • Goods management • Palletizing services • Preparation of orders for delivery • Storage on high racks • Services of loading/unloading of goods in/from the warehouse • Specialized transport services, organizing the delivery/pick-up of your goods.

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