What does 600 grams mean to you?

600 grams. Do you think is a lot or too little? For a baby, it is too little and although it seems incredible, this is the weight of a premature newborn, one who is born much before the term of 40 weeks.

Andrei hurried to come into the world at 24 weeks. It weighed only 600 grams and measured 20 cm. Do you know what a 600 grams baby looks like? It fits in the palm of your hand.

Andrei spent 6 months in the Neonatology ward in Constanța and fought every day to live, grow and be able to go home to his family.

Mothers, doctors, and nurses say that these premature babies, like Andrei, have an extraordinary strength and will to live, but these are not enough if there is not the necessary equipment to save them. A child born with problems can only be kept alive if the hospital where he was born has an incubator, a vital function monitor, an oxygen mixer, an injection machine, and many other equipment with more complicated names.

Andrei is about to turn 5 years old, and next year he will go to school. Because he had the chance to be born in a hospital that had the necessary equipment, thanks to a donation from the Vodafone Foundation. But other children, many other children, unfortunately, do not have his chance and are born in wards where all these machines with complicated names are missing.

Romania ranks first in the EU with the highest infant mortality rate, because 191 hospitals in the country do not have what they need to save children like Andrei.

But with your help, things can change.

Fill out the form here to redirect 3.5% of your 2023 income tax to Life for Newborns Fund. It does not involve any cost to you and we take care of submitting the form to ANAF.

Through the Life for Newborns Fund, we have already equipped 8 wards, but together we can do much more. If 50 people direct 3.5% of their income tax to the Life for Newborns Fund, we can buy an oxygen mixer, the machine that makes the optimal mixture of air and oxygen for newborns to breathe without harming their lungs, brain or eyes.

Three minutes, that’s all it takes to fill out the form, and you’ll help a ward to be well-equipped and save dozens, even hundreds of children every year.

Thanks to you, a newborn will survive! We have made it our mission to ensure that every premature baby born in Romania has the same chances as Andrei had.

Together we can do this, together we can keep Romania alive.

For any inquiries, please contact: angela.galeta@vodafone.com or fundatiavodafone_ro@vodafone.com.