Unlocking Investment Potential through Tourism Dynamics

Date:16/05/2024 9:00 am
Location:Continental Forum Oradea

Step into the dynamic intersection of tourism and investment at “Unlocking Investment Potential through Tourism Dynamics” an event designed to illuminate the vast potential and lucrative opportunities inherent in leveraging tourism for strategic investments. This gathering will serve as a catalyst for collaboration, bringing together key players from the tourism and investment sectors to explore synergies, foster partnerships, and navigate the evolving landscape of this powerful economic nexus.

This event will bring together industry leaders, investors, and innovators to delve into the wealth of opportunities present in Oradea and its surroundings.

The conference will discuss:

  • Technology and Standards in Tourism
  • Why invest in Romania
  • How Romania can become a thermal destination in Europe
  • Government and Policy Dialogues: Understand the regulatory landscape and government initiatives that impact tourism investments.


  • 09:00-09:30 – Registration of the participants and welcome coffee
  • 09.30-09.45 – Opening remarks by the BRCC
  • 09.45-11:00 – Panel discussion and Q & A
  • 11.00-11:15 – Closing remarks
  • 11.15-13.00 –Coffee Break and Networking


Kindly note that this event is free of charge and and both members or non-members are more than welcome to attend!

Event Moderator:

Alexandru Debrezeni – Member of ANEVAR

With significant experience in business and Public Affairs, Alexandru Debrezeni is a member of ANEVAR and a partner in the MAPPS Master Appraisal company.





Speakers confirmed so far:

Ionuț NACHE – Owner INAQ Consulting, IFS Representative in Romania, Moldova, Bulgaria, Serbia, Croatia, and Western Balkans Countries

  • Lead Auditor in more then 1000 first and second party since 1996;
  • Lead Auditor in more then 200 third party audits since 1998;
  • Trainer for quality management systems experts, internal auditors, second party and third party auditors since 2000;
  • IFS Management Partner in Romania and CEE since 2012;
  • GLOBAL G.A.P. Partner in Romania since 2013;
  • EuropeSpa Med & Wellness Partner in Romania since 2013;
  • Temos International Healthcare Accreditation Partner in Romania since 2014;



Alexandru Chira – General Director Visit Oradea

  • General Director of Visit Oradea – Oradea Destination Management Organization, since 2022.
  • Member of the Board of Director Committee for the Romanian Tourism Alliance. The Romanian Tourism Alliance was created in the spring of 2020 to represent the Romanian tourism industry in the context of Sars Cov 2 pandemic. In this role he participated in numerous meetings with industry peers and Government officials to come up with new regulations that could support the entrepreneurs affected by the pandemic.
  • Obtaining, in the name of the Oradea City Hall, of the title of thermal water resort, the first one ever awarded in Romania for an area within a large city.
  • Creating the first CRM for a DMO in Romania and CEE region for the industry stakeholders with the help of a EU funding project for digitalisation.
  • In charge of the rebranding and repositioning process for the Oradea Fortress as a multi-purpose destination within the destination, aiming a multi-target experience for its visitors.
  • Became a member of the Urban Agenda for EU, Thematic Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, European Commission.
  • Gained second place in European Cultural Tourism Network AISBL for digitalisation in Tourism – Krk, Croatia, 2021.
  • Tailored and implemented a BBC campaign – Discover Romania, with a total reach of 6.613.000 EU and UK inhabitants, 2022.
  • Mandated by the City of Oradea to compile 2 important projects – obtaining the permanent status of balneological area for a certain area in Oradea and obtaining the status of public utility NGO for the Oradea Destination Management Organisation (Visit Oradea).
  • President of the Excellence in Hospitality Association (Asociația Excelență în Ospitalitate) – a private – public NGO that provides Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne certified courses in Oradea, since 2023.
  • Board Member for the Football Club Bihor (FC Bihor) since 2023.
  • President of the commission approving the non-refundable funds from the Oradea Municipality for cultural, youth, sports, and educational community projects, since 2022.

Mihai Jurca – City Manager – Oradea Municipality

He is a Romanian expert in local development who currently holds the city manager position of Oradea municipality. His academic background is in International Relations, and he has an executive master’s degree in Public Administration from the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and a master’s degree in Political, Economic, and Social Communication. He is currently pursuing an MPA (Master in Public Administration). As a junior advisor within the EU funding unit, he started his professional activity at Oradea City Hall in 2007.

Primary responsibilities as a City Manager are related to the transition to a digital government, the front office for the city’s “clients,” the EU financing department, the Public Transportation Company, the Oradea Local Development Agency (ADLO), and the Visit Oradea destination management organization. He is also a member of the Oradea Airport’s Board of Directors and on the board of directors of Air Oradea public company.

Ioana Rus – Executive Chairwoman – Prime Dash

Prime Dash is a Fintech company, where she not only presides over the Board but also takes an active role in the day-to-day operations of the company. With 21 years in technology (sales and business administration) complemented by two decades in the educational sector, Ioana’s career is a testament to her profound analytical thinking and adept problem-solving capabilities.

Currently advancing her expertise through an MBA program, Ioana’s academic pursuits further sharpen her business acumen, preparing her to navigate the complexities of the corporate world with even greater finesse. Her professional portfolio is rich and varied, encompassing significant roles where she engaged with clients from a range of industries, including tech, education, banking, agriculture, and public administration. This wide-ranging exposure has equipped her with a unique perspective on industry-specific challenges and the skills to devise strategic solutions.


Silver Partner:

INAQ Consulting

Sustaining Partner:

Camera de Comert si Industrie Bihor

Romanian Diversity Chamber of Commerce

Canadian Business Exchange Association

Strategic Partner:

Nomade Communication

Media Partners:

Nine O’Clock

Pion Media

Transilvania Business