Do you have more “boss” types or coaches in your organization? Whether you’re the head of a global organization or leading a small team it’s time to ask yourself – how your management structure look like? What would your employees say?

One challenge that occurs in many organizations is that people move into the management role once they have mastered technical competence in a role, but this is very different than the competence of leading others. In the absence of effective leadership development, managers can fall into the habit of dictating to-do lists, micromanaging or become a ‘Do For’ boss.

An organization with leaders will deliver performance, constantly improve, innovate and grow. Why to grow leaders in your key positions in your company?  “Boss Manager” /vs/ “Coach Leader”

  1. A Coach spends more time listening and asking questions, while a Boss spends more time speaking and giving directions.
  2. A Coach invests time in observing, while a Boss makes quick assumptions.
  3. A Coach uncovers issues to get the root of a problem, while a Boss takes the quickest route to deal with the surface symptoms.
  4. A Coach helps Direct Reports accept responsibility, while a Boss assigns blame.
  5. A Coach supports employees in developing their plans, while a Boss gives them the plan and tells them to follow it.
Vasile Roman:

professor in the military leadership, military strategy/security area, communication and public relations. 10 years of experience on the military command field; 5 years of experience as commander and manager at operational level; 2 years of experience in military intelligence affairs; 2 years of experience as planner director at the strategic level

Gabriela Gheorghe:

Business and Leadership Consultant. Her vision is to help managers on their path to authentic leader, so that all people feel valued and inspired to achieve their business and personal goals. 6 times nominated in Top 100 strongest women in business by Business Magazine, Gabriela is a strong believer in people’s ability of self-growth and she is passionate about coaching as a tool for performance.

Fabiola Nica:

Fabiola Nica, ACC Coach certified by ICF, Executive Coach at Coaching Partners, trainer, Head of Continuous Improvement in a top Romanian freight forwarding company, +16 years of experience in marketing, business, project and people management. She believes we were born to be happy, we all have an evolutionary mission and the ability to build the life we want, personally and professionally. She is defined by action and in coaching she founded the actions that support and provoke performance on all the plans.

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