Consumer trends in our country have diversified in recent years due to the fact that Romanians are approaching the social level and standards of the West. Regarding this trend, the market for private health insurance is no exception, enjoying a growth of 20% within the first three months of this year.

Health insurance with international coverage is increasingly accessed, and the growth of this market is showing a change of mentality. The services offered by the private health insurers and brokers, such as MediHelp International also influence the interest of the consumers regarding such a financial instrument, thanks to personalized insurance plans, dedicated to both individuals and companies. “We are constantly concerned about the dynamics and trends of the industry in order to identify the needs of our partners and to provide them with the most comprehensive insurance plans that would cover medical services worldwide. However, under the circumstance whereby the medical condition was set, the private health insurance takes the financial risk, covering the costs of the medical interventions performed both nationally and internationally. Thus, the ideal framework for expanding the private health insurance market is developed, as Romanians want their medical services to high standards, says Elena Ciobanu, Operational Director of MediHelp International.

Equally, companies play an important role in promoting this type of private health insurance that allows access to quality medical services. The realities of the labour market make it very difficult to retain and make the employees commit, but due to the high interest in the opportunities offered by the private insurance, companies have the possibility to include them into the benefits package offered to employees and to differentiate themselves from the direct competitors.

“The labour market has become increasingly dynamic within recent years, with the employees being aware of the opportunities they have regarding the current context. Those who are active are aware of their rights and always make the best decisions for themselves, even if this incurs changing the workplace in order to have the most comprehensive benefits within the salary package. MediHelp International provides the companies with health insurance plans for employees, thus helping to reduce the phenomenon of migration from one company to another or employment abroad, says Elena Ciobanu, Operational Director of MediHelp International.