Join us on the 16th of September for another BRCC webinar where we will talk about Telehealth-Improve Patient Experience “. 




Charles Crocker – Chief Partner of Telios Care SA

Charles Crocker is currently the Chief Partner Officer of Telios Care SA http://telios.ro. He is also currently a Director on the board of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award in Romania, http://dofe.ro/en/home-2/ , the world’s leading youth achievement award and also in Romania. Charles Crocker is a Director on the Board of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce. Previously Charles Crocker was CEO of BRCC, from 2015, where he was responsible for building closer bilateral ties between the UK and Romania and developing new opportunities for BRCC members.


Simona Mușat, Central & South Eastern Europe Senior Consultant,  Mercer Marsh Benefits

Simona is Senior Consultant in Mercer March Benefits  in Central & South Eastern Europe since 2020, where she focuses on creating innovative products, sharing best practices and developing the MMB business across the region. Simona has joined MMB in 2015 as Deputy Manager of the Employee Benefits Department in Romania. Her areas of expertise are health and retirement solutions, project management of complex employee benefits programs and business development. Simona holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology obtained from University of Bucharest and post-university professional formation in leadership and solution focused therapies. She has over 12 years of experience in the insurable benefits industry, EB programs design and implementation for the largest employers in Romania.

Simona will touch the “Wellbeing practices” for CSEE Region – showing the results of a recent “Wellbeing Survey 2020” – consisting in companies across the region (including Bulgaria and Romania) practices regarding wellbeing approach and Employee & Health Benefits in the COVID-19 new reality. Also Simona will point the importance of new technologies and innovative approach regarding health benefits covering also the results of our recent study “Health on demand” by Mercer Marsh Benefits.


Dr. Branimir Raduilov – Certified Physician, specialty General Medicine and Master’s degree in Health Management

Certified Physician, specialty General Medicine and Master’s degree in Health Management. Clinical experience in Pediatrics and General Medicine. Many years of experience in multinational companies and his own enterprises in the field of clinical trials. Founder and participant in a number of companies in healthcare. Expert in organizing and optimizing processes in the pre-hospital medical services. Consultant in e-health and medical technologies. Author and co-author in publications related to the optimization of medical services with the help of innovation.

In the last 10 years Dr. Raduilov has been working on various projects as private investor, entrepreneur and consultant. Main interests – modernization, digitization and automation of healthcare, creation of new models in the organization of health care, management of data sets.

Among the approached topics:

  • Wellbeing concept approach: physical, emotional, financial, work –life balance
  • Phisical Wellbeing: Nature of supplementary health/medial plans in CEE
  • New health benefit offerings in response to the COVID-19 situation
  • Achieving employee engagement in the COVID-19 context

Join us on the 16th of September for another webinar, together our friends from the British Bulgarian Business Association where we will talk about “ Telehealth-Improve Patient Experience “. Our speakers from Telios Care and Marsh will touch on the foundations of telehealth, how it can be implemented, how to navigate risks and barriers and how to coordinate workflows.

Telehealth is playing a key role in keeping doctors and patients safe and healthy during this crisis, and specialists predict it will become an accepted front-line medical practice. Stay on top of developments in the healthcare industry, with our webinars series and get a glimpse of the  best practice in telemedicine from our top experts.

In a time of uncertainty, the health insurance pays a vital role in our lives. Being able to take care of our health means accessing the best services and being connected to professionals in this field constantly. How has this changed during COVID-19 crisis and how can people benefit most from it? Learn more in our upcoming webinar. This webinar lays out the foundations of telehealth, how it can be implemented, how to navigate risks and barriers and how to coordinate workflows.

We also took a look at case studies from practices in our region that have been successfully providing telehealth services.

By the end of this session you will be able to:

  1. Demonstrate increased understanding around the key principles of telehealth
  2. Understand the barriers, benefits and risks of telehealth
  3. Initiate plans within your own practice to utilize telehealth especially in the context of COVID

The webinar is presented by Telios Care, a pioneer and leader in the field of telemedicine services in Romania.

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