Seminar: Your Land Issue is Our Concern

Date:21/11/2022 5:00 pm
Location: Cluj-Napoca & Timisoara

Solving Land Problems Shouldn’t Cost the Earth

ATG Group don’t just remediate land, we unlock its potential using our ground-breaking, safe solutions that are better for the environment and much more cost effective.

With government authorities focusing on increasing the use of brownfield sites, developers face new challenges in making use of contaminated land profitably. Often well-located sites are unusable as they can include heavy contamination and, if neglected, can be overgrown with invasive plant species and have many other problems.

This is where ATG Group come in with cost-effective and reliable methods, based on decades of scientific and environmental knowledge.

Come along to the seminar to hear more on how we can help you to release the potential of your development site!

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