The Romanian software development company, Roweb, has left behind the pandemic, with all the challenges that have appeared in recent years, and has chosen to focus on fun, relaxation, and socialization. Thus, on the first weekend of November, they organized a team building in a mountain resort.

The software development teams attended the event (PHP, .NET, QA, Mobile, e-commerce, front-end, DevOps), along with Top Management and Administrative, HR, Financial, Customer Support, Sales, Design & Marketing representatives.

The meeting was the ideal opportunity to bring together all the teams. As a result, along with the development of the brand and the portfolio of international clients, the number of employees also increased. 

Thus, at the end of 2019, Roweb had 113 people on the team. Currently, the company has increased its team to 158 members, and the recruitment processes of the HR department are ongoing.

Moreover, the team building represented the perfect opportunity to celebrate 18 years since the Roweb brand was launched on the market.

Since Roweb is a company that grew thanks to its employees, during this event, people with managerial leadership positions, technical leadership, and people who chose to stay in Roweb for over 10 years were brought into the spotlight. 

The team of developers is homogeneous and includes both seniors and middles with diverse experience and juniors passionate about tech who absorb the knowledge of mentors and coordinators.

This year’s team building included interaction activities, socializing around the campfire, folk songs, a party, pampering at the sauna & swimming pool, and nature walks.

And the event managed to bring people from many cities of the country to spend time together and thank them for the involvement and passion they showed. Thanks to them, the Roweb brand grew organically and positioned itself as a reliable partner in the digital transformation process.

At the same time, one of the event’s highlights was the projection of video messages from clients in the portfolio on the conference screens.

The messages were all the more impactful as they came with the correct dose of informality & humor. These included personal notes that once again highlighted that the sustainability of projects results from relationships of trust and respect beyond specific developments and executions.

About Roweb

  • The company was founded in 2004 by a computer science teacher who was joined as partners by former students.
  • This year, the company reached over 150 experts.
  • More than 50% of software developers are seniors.
  • The company offers end-to-end software development services, from business analysis, consulting, and architecture to testing and post-implementation maintenance.
  • Usually, the company recruits for the jobs of software developers, project managers, product owners, business analysts, Scrum Master specialists, UX/UI specialists, and QA specialists.
  • The portfolio includes clients from Great Britain, Belgium, the USA, Romania, Denmark, the Netherlands, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Canada.
  • Roweb has offices in 3 cities in Romania and is interested in opening an office in Great Britain.