1. Supporting Code4Romania to develop 6 Covid19 related digital solutions:
  2. Official news: platform collects and presents all official information from authorities; prevents spreading of fake news.
  3. What can I do: guidelines and decision tree helping population understand pandemic; offers guidance for various situations.
  4. Data up to day: collects data automatically from authority’s cases data and transforms it in easy to understand information; offers transparency, decreases panic.
  5. Stay at home: monitors and centralizes status of patients staying at home, self-isolated or quarantined, through on-line questionnaires; enables large scale evaluation and helps authorities in case management.
  6. Diaspora Hub – collects requests from Romanians living abroad, clusters the needs and guides them to a specific support; data collected are centralized and sent to Romanian consulates.
  7. Ro-help – platform matches needs with help providers (NGOs, companies, private donors) in order to prioritize and optimize help given.

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