Bucharest, April 9, 2020 – The situation generated by the COVID19 pandemic has put us all in front of decisions that have changed the way we work, the business behavior and the approach to managing resources, whether we are talking about human or financial resources. In this context, Provident decided to significantly reduce commercial communication in March and April and to redirect the amounts to support medical units and staff in the fight with Corona virus. Thus, Provident donates 500,000 lei to the “Dăruieşte Viaţă/Give Life” Association, in order to support the construction of the modular hospital for COVID19 patients.
From the beginning we realized that it is important for the whole society, in these moments, especially for the companies that can do this, to contribute to the ‘straightening of the curve’. We consider it is essential to understand what each of us can do and to hope that, through a joint effort, we will be able to increase the response capablitiy of the people in first line, namely, the medical staff.
“I think that only together and only being responsible and supportive we can overcome this pandemic. Helping those in need, whether they are patients, doctors, nurses or people working in the hospital is a gesture of individual responsibility, but also of collective responsibility. It is time for us to be with them, in a totally new situation that neither of us could have anticipated. ” – Oana Gheorghiu, founder of Dăruiește Viață/Give Life.
“During this period it is a good time for each of us to ask what I can do to help. You can stay in the house, you can help the elderly with groceries, you can donate. I am glad to see that companies also ask this question and support civil society in our efforts to be with medical staff and patients. #ReuşimÎmpreună. ” – Carmen Uscatu, founder of Dăruiește Viață/Give Life.
Beyond getting involved in this project, since the beginning of the epidemic, we have done everything we can to protect our clients and employees. Thus, we reduced by over 75% the direct physical interactions with our clients. In addition, we interact exclusively with customers who want and can be visited safely. At the same time, based on a process implemented more than 2 years ago, we offered clients in financial difficulties, including as a result of the situation generated by the virus, the possibility of delaying the payment of their installments, without any negative effect on them (reporting in external databases, accumulation of arrears). Also, for the clients in isolation or quarantine, we applied the same process, under the same conditions.
“For a company to be sustainable in the long run, it has to always put people first, whether we’re talking about customers or employees. Yes, we are aware of the effects this pandemic will have on the business environment. We are aware that our plans will be postponed or canceled. But, equally, we understood that we can take it from the end, when everything is finished, if we will set our priorities correctly during this period. And our priority has been and remains the concern for people, ” said Florin Bâlcan, the general manager of Provident Financial Romania.
Ever since the state of emergency was declared, all employees in the headquarters and support teams in the field have been working from home for their protection and their loved ones. We also provided sanitary equipment and materials to the field employees and set clear rules for the process of interaction with clients, in order to minimize the exposure of our employees and customers.
The responsabilities of the employees over 65 were reconsidered, so that they do not leave their home and be completely safe.
Involvement goes beyond the contractual relationship and the support we provide during this period is not just financial. Thus, we try to provide assistance to customers who cannot handle themselves with the purchase of food or other necessities.
We have already offered to all employees alternatives through which they can offer help for different social causes or voluntary actions throughout the country. It is the moment when we all have the opportunity to share with others what we know, what we can do and the time we have at our disposal.
About Provident Financial Romania
Provident Financial Romania is part of the British group International Personal Finance (IPF), the largest home loan provider in Europe. The group has 2.1 million clients in 9 countries in Europe, as well as in Mexico and Australia. IPF is one of the largest British employers in Central and South-East Europe and an international company listed on the London Stock Exchange. Since 2006, Provident has invested in Romania over 325 million euros and has contributed to the state budget with taxes of over 113 million euros. With almost 2,000 employees, the company is the second largest British employer in Romania. Provident develops and supports various social responsibility projects – financial education programs, nurturing young talents in art, supporting disadvantaged groups – in which he has invested over 1.1 million euros.