Bucharest 17th February 2020. Portland Trust has recently erected a 4 m high bronze sculpture named “The Aviators” at their award winning office project, EXPO Business Park, in Bucharest, designed to celebrate the role of aviation in global trade.

EXPO Business Park is located on Strada Aviator Popișteanu, which takes its name from a fighter pilot, Squadron Leader Alexandru Popișteanu, who heroically fought and died for his country during the Second World War. A few other streets in the neighborhood are also named after Romanian aviation heroes.

The sculpture depicts two businessmen flying in formation. Their bodies are reminiscent of old airplanes. They wear the old style flying helmets and the outline of their clothes are shaped like the metal panels of the aircraft.

Expo is a celebration of international trade which often involves flying around the world. Without air travel global trade would be slow and man’s historic fascination to travel to other countries to experience other cultures would not be satisfied. This concept located at Strada Aviator Popișteanu can also be viewed as a juxtaposition between the present day where the skies are peaceful and used for international trade and exploration and previous times of war.

The sculptor was Colin Spofforth from UK who also produced “The Volunteer” which has become a well-known landmark at another recent Portland Trust project, Oregon Park. In central Europe he created other sculptures such as “The Winged Lion” in Prague and “The six white mice” in Bratislava.

EXPO Business Park recently won 3 awards at the CIJ Property Awards (Best Lease, Best Office and Grand Prix Best Overall Project 2019) and has achieved BREEAM “OUTSTANDING” environmental certification, which is the first time this has been achieved for a new office development in Romania.


Portland Trust develops high quality, institutional, commercial real estate assets throughout Central Europe. Portland Trust has completed a wide range of projects including supermarkets, a regional shopping centre, office buildings and light industrial / logistic parks in the Czech Republic and Bucharest, Romania. Portland has completed over 800,000 m2 of leasable space of new buildings.

Portland Trust is dedicated to a clear and simple environmental policy of using local, natural materials where possible, designing buildings in a fundamentally efficient manner, adopting new, efficient technology, and adhering to both local and international guidelines for energy efficiency. The aim is to develop buildings that integrate into the local surroundings and minimize their environmental impact. Many projects include innovative technology such as ground source heat pumps and PV panels which make meaningful reductions to energy consumption.

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