Language School for kids and teenagers

The Mayflower Centre, in a nutshell a school of foreign languages for kids and teenagers, where children are encouraged to develop their critical thinking and general knowledge.

Our mission at the Mayflower Centre is to set high standards and expectations both for ourselves and for our students. Thus, not only do we help our students achieve their potential, but we also strive to constantly improve through continuing professional development and by keeping up to date with technological innovations.

In 2020, only two years after the school was set up, we became an authorized centre for the preparation of Cambridge exams and a member of the British Council Advantage programme. At the end of 2022 we were awarded the Global Discussion Class Award by the British newspaper The Economist.

The services we offer include:

  • English language classes taught by British or Romanian teachers

  • Preparation classes for Cambridge exams

  • German language classes

  • French language classes

  • Conversation workshops in English


e-mail: info@mayflower-centre.ro
Tel: 0755.157.885

Liana Georgescu
Tel.: 0745.186.277
e-mail: l.georgescu@mayflower-centre.ro