PlanRadar is an award-winning, digital SaaS field management platform for documentation, task management and communication in construction and real estate projects. The platform operates across the globe, currently in over 65 markets.

PlanRadar digitises all daily processes and communication across real estate and construction. The platform connects all project stakeholders and provides real-time access to valuable project data, enabling teams to increase quality, cut costs and realise work faster. The easy-to-use platform adds value to every person involved in a building’s lifecycle, from contractors and engineers to property managers and owners, with flexible capabilities for all company sizes and processes.

Today, over 120,000 professionals are using PlanRadar to track, connect and solve issues on-and off-site.

PlanRadar is currently available in 20 languages, and can be used across all iOS, Windows and Android devices.

Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, PlanRadar has 18 offices across the globe.


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