We perfectly understand the needs of the Romanian labor market and we offer you personalized and fast solutions. We guarantee for a simplified Asian recruitment process, transparency and adaptation to the needs of your company.

We’ve been trained as a team of specialists in the field of Asian staff recruitment many years ago, while providing related services related to obtaining the necessary documentation for employment, supporting people for post-employment integration, mediating situations and discussions between companies and institutions. from the country of origin of the employees and not only.

We like things well done and hence the desire to offer complete services. If you need to obtain professional certificates, legislative advice for immigration outside the EU and labor law or the relocation of Asian workers outside Romania, we are here for you.

We connect people of various nationalities such as Filipinos, Nepalese, Vietnamese, with Romanian companies that need a consistent, serious and relatively cheap manpower.

Agenție recrutare personal asiatic (work-finder.eu)