International Hospitals Group (IHG) has successfully completed over 480 healthcare projects in 55 countries around the world.


IHG was founded in 1972 with the specific aim of providing British healthcare development and management expertise to overseas countries. Over the past 50 years IHG has become a truly international company with a unique experience around the world. Now a fully private family-owned company IHG was initially formed as a private/public partnership with a UK state owned enterprise as a shareholder.


From its foundation, IHG has continually grown its services. IHG has provided healthcare consultancy, hospital, commissioning, medical planning and equipping, project management and turnkey design and construction and related healthcare services to Governments, private institutions, and multi-national agencies.


IHG is part of the International Group (IG) of companies, a fourth generation, private family business founded in the UK. IG provides a unique combination of project management skills and expertise as owners and managers in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare advisory, development, construction, and management services

  • Real Estate ownership and development

  • Esports investment, event and team creation and management services

  • 5 Star Hotels and Member Club sales, marketing, and management services