MediHelp International private health insurance, offered in partnership with Generali Global Health, does not undergo changes in coverage in the case of Coronavirus disease, although pandemics are considered exclusions by insurers. All persons who have such insurance and need special medical care may use the insurance policy, and the costs of their treatments will be refunded.

Regardless of whether they are in Romania or in other countries, all persons who have a private health insurance with international coverage accessed through MediHelp International can benefit from medical investigations and treatment covered by the insurer.

In the context where there is still no treatment for the new coronavirus disease, MediHelp health insurance will cover the costs of influenza vaccines, although they do not have a proven effect against COVID-19. The same principle will apply when a new coronavirus vaccine will be discovered, its costs being covered if the insurance policy provides such benefits. Testing for COVID-19 is not included in the insurance policy, but if the patient has flu symptoms, the costs for his/her diagnosis and treatment should be covered according to the benefits chosen by the patient at the conclusion of the insurance contract with MediHelp International. MediHelp insurers will be also able to request emergency care in the specific situations in which their insurance policy provides such a benefit.

“It is clear that too many confirmed Coronavirus cases would further complicate national weak health systems, but this could happen anywhere in the world. Thus, it could end up in the situation when minor illnesses would no longer be treated in public medical institutions due to the overcrowding and the poor financing, overcome by the consequences of the virus. Your insurance plan is a possible form of protection against a national health system that can no longer cope” says SIR Zahal Levy, President of MediHelp International.

It is also important to note that ambulance and air ambulance services may only be used in case of a medical problem. These may not be used only for simple evacuation from an area affected by COVID-19. The air evacuation should only be done according to the local provisions, this having an impact on the transfer decisions to another medical unit.

The so-called Coronavirus is a mutation that could still continuously evolve. This is one of the challenges faced by those who are about to make an effective vaccine. Until they will manage to do this, do what you are instructed to do, even if these “protective measures” seem as if a person were trying to defend himself/herself with an A4 sheet of paper against a hunting weapon. Our advice is for you to take serious measures of personal hygiene and avoid close contact with potentially infected people or people you know have returned from countries such as China or northern Italy. However, take these rational and common-sense measures, not in a panic-stricken way, added SIR Zahal Levy, President of MediHelp International.