The construction sector, as all sectors of the economy has been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of the immediate effects may be translated through:

  • Delays in the supply chain. Early coronavirus disruptions occurred in China. Since China represents about a third of global manufacturing, its production delays are already manifesting across the world, and on construction jobs. Also, the same effects can be seen regarding Italy.
  • Quarantine of people may cause disruption in the industry. (ex. Impact on contractors workforce.)
  • Wider economic challenges that may affect the industry.

Brisk Group is prepared and has already acted in the lines of a proactive, informed and anticipative approach taking all necessary measures to limit COVID -19 impact to our clients their projects and our overall activity as an organization.

The main purpose of our activity is to help our clients to succeed and as well overpass difficult times.

Continuity of activity is an absolute requirement during this period, and we as well as our partners are ready to support this effort.

In this effort part our colleagues, of which we are very proud off, taking all COVID -19 precursory measures, are working hard on site in business as usual mode.

Brisk Group has taken all precautionary and preventive measures to limit the impact of coronavirus to our clients /partners and employees. Part of the implemented solutions, besides disinfecting working areas, sanitizers, paper towels and soup-wash, are technology-based solution that we already were implementing before the COVID-19 outbreak. These solutions are proving even more effective, innovative and usefulness during this period.

Some of these are:

  • Digitalization of the construction site using online platforms to limit as much as possible people interaction on site, while extending interaction online.
  • Online meetings, video conference and calls.
  • Live online exchange of information.
  • Cloud based solutions.

It is important for our clients and partners to be assured that we are acting as true professionals and that we are in control of the projects we are involved in.

Brisk Group is all hands on deck on our projects!

Certainly, this is a harder period for everyone, though we hope that as sharp as it came as sharp it will go! In the meantime is our duty to keep the lights on!

Quoting the Greats:

“It is no use saying‘we are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.”

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill