The BRCC, together with Ixodron, invites you to our one-hour Zoom webinar, in which you will learn the importance of RPA in today’s digital transformation process and how companies can maximize its use to the fullest.

During the webinar we will talk about RPA (robotic process automation) and intelligent analytics, from concepts to use cases.

We will be looking at how you could improve business processes without changing the systems in place.

We will also be talking about best practices, successful examples and how companies can leverage RPA to their advantage.

Reasons to join:

  1. Find out how to increase profitability while also improving day to day activities.
  2. See how RPA and Analytics have helped different companies from different industries get in front of the competition.
  3. RPA isn’t the next big thing, it is the new normal.
  4. In the next 3 years, RPA will be implemented in every company, big and small, join to see how it would be beneficial for yours.
  5. RPA is a way to improve satisfaction for management, employees and customers alike.



Cosmin Dobrita – RPA Architect @Ixodron

Innovative RPA architect with experience in designing, developing, implementing and integrating software applications. He speaks both business and technology languages, demonstrating a deep understanding of the challenges faced by today’s enterprises when it comes to automating their processes.

Flaviu Cioanca – Sales Manager @Ixodron

Enthusiastic sales professional with experience in technology companies. Passionate about the art of commerce and business consultancy, always looking for the win-win situation.


About the company

IXOBI (An IXODRON business unit) supports companies in adopting RPA & Analytics solutions, being responsible for implementing several RPA solutions for companies in logistics, finance, and others, with savings rising to millions of euros per year.

We offer consultancy, development, and implementation so that companies today will be ready for the challenges of tomorrow

RPA is the missing link in the sea of apps and processes that have been implemented by companies in recent years.

It helps humans’ complete processes, giving them the opportunity to grow and contribute to the company in creative and engaging ways.

RPA is a big step in the digital transformation journey and at current adoption rates, all companies whether big or small, will have implemented it by 2024.