Important notice regarding the Annual General Meeting of the BRCC and nominations for election of directors at the AGM

Date:27/01/2022 4:30 pm
Location:Offices of EY, Bucharest Tower Center Building, 22nd floor, 15-17 Ion Mihalache Bvd., 011171 Bucharest, Romania (venue to be confirmed)

Dear members of the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce,

On behalf of my fellow directors, may I wish you all a successful 2022, which we hope may see the end of the current pandemic.
Notwithstanding the pandemic and the measures intended to limit the spread of the virus, the business of the Chamber must go on and I am pleased to give formal notice of the Chamber’s Annual General Meeting  which will be held in Bucharest on 27 January 2022.

Please find HERE the formal notice of the AGM, Notes and proxy form and HERE Chamber’s statutory accounts and reports for the year ended 31 March 2021.

There will be an election of directors of the Chamber at the AGM and if you are interested to stand for election – or to propose someone else, details of the nomination requirements and deadline are set out in the Notes to the notice of the AGM.  Details of the candidates for election or re-election will be circulated to members of the Chamber after the nomination period closes.

Thank you for your support for the Chamber during 2021.  As well as online events, we have been able to hold face-to-face events in Romania and in London as the situation has permitted this year, and are working on a full programme of events in both countries for 2022.  I look forward to seeing you at the Chamber’s events in 2022.

Neil McGregor, Chairman