Times have changed in a blink of an eye and had to embrace CHANGE.

NOW, for some, it is already a routine while others still struggle with technology! In a very short time, we all had to learn to walk the distance, travel across terabits and reinvent socializing in the virtual world.

There is a significant gap between our expectations and what an online conference turns out to be.

What are the Benefits in using online conferences?

Time Saving / Increase Efficiency – One of the most significant ones, I believe it must be “skipping” the traffic jams and then finding a parking space. With video conferencing, all you need to do is finding your most comfortable seat in the nearest

available room. You can also connect with your long-distance team members/ classmates at the click of a button, allowing everyone to be present.

Staying Informed / Attending More events– In my case, I have to be present at several meetings, courses, webinars …networking all in the same day. The result: getting home late, having no more time to spend with my family and not to mention that I had to be a “Super Woman” to be able to attend everything scheduled in my agenda. Sometimes prospects could have been hard to catch due to other commitments.

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