2020 is the last year for accessing the state aid established by GD 807 which finances investments for equipment and machinery purchase and lease or construction costs for buildings, incidental to the creation of an initial investment. The minimum total value of a project should be 1 million EUR. Aid intensity for these types of projects is maximum 50% and the state aid value is maximum 37.5 million EUR, depending on the region where the investment is made. Large companies or SMEs, start-up or existing companies may apply for the state aid. In addition, other financing opportunities related to the Government and European Funds for investments, human resources and energy will be presented.

After this presentation, starting with 7 PM, there will be a networking event, where we expect over 120 people.

The event is free for our members. Please be aware that the number of participants for this event is limited to 50 and registrations will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

We have only 15 spaces available for the presentation, so please confirm your participation for both presentation and networking event or for only one of them by Monday 20th of January.