The effects of digital transformation are increasingly visible in the business industry, regardless of the field in which those who choose such services work. According to the software development company with over 18 years of experience, Roweb, these results are mainly reflected by:

  • Saving resources (time, money, human resources),
  • Improving communication processes,
  • Reducing unnecessary efforts and increasing profitability through automation.

On the other hand, due to digital transformation necessity, the outsourcing market has grown considerably in recent years. We can also discuss flexibility regarding the working models and quick access to valuable resources.

This approach has increased the confidence of companies that choose the outsourcing option for their projects, both when it comes to predefined solutions and especially when it comes to custom projects.

Thus, the extended team option is among the most popular outsourcing models preferred by companies worldwide and simultaneously a top choice for customers in the Roweb portfolio.


Extended development team: Roweb’s perspective

Through the extended team concept, Roweb provides its clients with a team of software professionals who solve tasks and develop the project together with other specialists from a client’s company. Roweb specialists’ role is to complement the existing technical team, taking over part of the responsibility.

Roweb experts prefer the Agile work methodology due to its demonstrated efficiency in organising tasks. Thus, the efficient involvement of human resources in the project, the coherent workflow and the quick response to the software development market’s dynamic requirements and the client’s requirements make this methodology a top option for any entrepreneur.


Examples of projects developed by Roweb as an outsourcing partner (including through the extended teamwork model)

Complex HR platform for a UK company

Through the solution proposed by the Roweb team, the HR platform registered an increase in the number of users and their engagement. Thus, a platform with an intuitive interface was created, which allows quick management and maintenance. Also, through this new solution, the company finalised its rebranding process and gained a favourable position in the UK market.


CRM for a client from Belgium, a leader in the real estate industry

The client needed a solution that would expand his position as a leader in the real estate industry and outside of Belgium. Thus, when he contacted Roweb, the company representative asked for a modern, flexible and easy-to-use solution for two types of users: real estate companies and agents.


Activity management system for a Danish company

The client needed a complex management system that would allow users to quickly solve all tasks related to their activity (data reports, integration of third-party systems, GPS-type systems, invoicing systems, payment scheduling, offer management and marketing activities etc.).


About Roweb:

  • Roweb offers digital development solutions for all types of companies, using all three methods of organising: extended, dedicated and project-based teams.
  • The team consists of over 130 English-speaking people. More than 50% of the software developers in the team are senior-level.
  • The company has been active under the current brand since 2004, gathering over 100 projects in its portfolio.
  • Positive reviews from dedicated platforms (for example, The Clutch or Good Firms) recommend the company as a reliable collaborator.
  • Roweb’s international portfolio means collaborations with clients from over 30 countries.