The BURSA press group, in partnership with the Romanian Energy Center (CRE), is organizing the videoconference “Energy plugged in”, 8th edition, on September 24,  2020, starting at 09:30.

The event will be watchable live on the www.bursa.ro website, on the Bursa FBURSA Facebook account, on the YouTube BURSA channel as well as on the Facebook accounts of our media partners.

Proposed topics:

  • The plans of the New National Energy Strategy in the context of the economic turnaround and the European Ecological pact. What amounts/European grants should the Romanian energy sector attract?
  • The stage of the legal framework considering vulnerable consumers. Measures and aids for fighting energy poverty;
  • The regulatory framework for the economic turnaround. Problems and opportunities;
  • How prepared is Romania to draw the European money from the turnaround fund?
  • Romania’s energy security in the context of the 2020-2021 winter. Possible threats to energy security;
  • The liberalization of the electricity market – benefits, opportunities, challenges and obligations. Where will prices go starting with January 1st, 2021?
  • How do we make the energy markets more competitive?
  • The exploitation of the energy resources in the Black Sea;
  • How is Romania doing in relation to the European energy strategy and the priority directions in Brussels?
  • The decarbonification investment program of Complexul Energetic Oltenia – how is the country’s biggest energy manufacturer preparing for the new decade?
  • The future of nuclear energy: the adoption of the CFD mechanism as support for the continuation of investments in reactors 3 and 4. Can small, modular reactors represent a viable alternative?
  • The stage of the cross-border connection projects in the electricity sector in the context of the shutdown of coal units;
  • Starting with 2019, Romania has become a net importer of electricity. Who benefits from the importation of energy?
  • Will Romgaz put into operation the new gas-based plant in Iernut? How many such plans does Romania need?
  • The computerization of the energy sector, the most important step in managing the future challenges of the industry;
  • How do foreigners see the investment environment in Romania?
  • The associations of renewable energy producers are saying that the new law concerning the acquisition of land blocks investments in renewables – what is left to be done?
  • The exploitation of the energy resources in the Black Sea;
  • The stock market – a solution for the financing of investment projects in energy companies.


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