During this period when the commercial exchanges are significantly reduced, I call to organize ourselves so as to purchase the products and services that we need for the proper development of our business.

Exchange between us for such products and services is an immediate solution to keep our business!

Many of you know the reputation of our company on the Romanian market and our products!

That’s why I ask you to contact us when you need technical solutions to reduce the fire risk of your activity, in your company or in your house!

And do not forget, after a bankruptcy you can reorganize and regain your business. But after a fire it is almost impossible!

For this reason we have the pleasure to introduce you the Automatic Fire Extinguishing Device Bonpet!

Reducing the risk of fire has become a priority and the management of fire safety has determined the use of new technical solutions of defense against fires with a high degree of efficiency.

Because this product respects the Order of the Minister of Administration and Interior no. 88/2012 regarding the approval of the Methodology of certifying the conformity in order to introduce on the market of the technical means for fire protection in Romania, for its use it is not necessary a project or to contract an authorized installer of the National Center for Fire Safety and Civil Protection- General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.
Thus, the Automatic Fire Extinguishing Device Bonpet can be used for fire protection of enclosed spaces that are permanently or temporarily organized!

Not having its own potential source of ignition, according to the address no. 4097 of May 28, 2012 issued by the National Institute for Research and Development for Mining Security and Explosive Protection – INSEMEX Petrosani, it is not subject to the ATEx evaluation procedures and can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres!

It is an efficient technical means of defense against fires of classes A, B, C and F and from an economic point of view its use is very attractive because it does not generate additional costs during the entire operating life which is guaranteed for 120 months!

Among the institutions and companies that have understood the advantages of using the Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet we mention:
Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Public Finance – Fiscal Administration Directorate, Ministry of Justice, Romanian Auto Registry, Romanian Railway Authority, National Company “Imprimeria Nationala” SA, International Airport “George Enescu” Bacau, Naval Shipyard Damen Galati SA, EXIMBANK SA, Banca Transilvania SA, Blom Bank France Paris / Branch Romania, BRD Groupe Societe Generale, Idea :: Bank, Patria Bank, AMAZON Development Center (Romania) srl, Huawei Technologies srl, Pirelli Tires Romania SA, Den Braven Romania Comex srl, DHL Logistics srl , Realitatea Media SA-Willbrook Building, Rohrer Industria Services srl, Oscar Downstream srl, Hella Romania srl, Novo Nordisk Farma srl, Kirchhoff Automotive Romania srl (FORD industrial platform), Kautex Craiova s.r.l. (FORD industrial platform), Valrom Industrie srl, Antibiotice SA, Iasi City Hall, Drager Safety Romania srl, Caroli Foods Group srl, Sinaia SA, Tymbark Maspex Romania srl, H&M Romania, Eurial srl, Doka Romania, Targu Mures Penitentiary, Olt County Hospital, County Health Insurance Houses and many others!

We attach to this presentation the technical sheet of the Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet, but also other documents related to it!

  1. Presentation

Fire is one of the five elements of the Nature that has influenced the evolution of human society from the earliest times to the present day.
This is the result of a chemical combustion reaction, usually the reaction between oxygen in the atmosphere and a certain combustible material (such as wood or gasoline).
Of course, wood or gasoline do not catch fire just because they are surrounded by oxygen in nature.
For the combustion reaction to take place, the combustible material must reach the ignition temperature.
Fire is the oxidation of a combustible material, which results in heat, light, but also different reaction products, such as carbon dioxide and water.
If it is carried out without control over time and space and causes material damage and / or loss of life also it is called fire.

The Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet relies on its ability to neutralize oxidation reactions that occur in the combustion process.
In this way the fires are stopped.

The Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet can be used to extinguish the following fires:
Class A: fires of solid combustible materials, generally of organic nature, whose combustion normally (wood, paper, clothes, household waste, plastics that do not melt in the heat etc.).
Class B: fires of flammable liquids (gasoline, oil, paints, oils, plastic materials that melt under the effect of temperature etc.)
Class C: flammable gas fires (methane, propane, butane, hydrogen etc.)
Class F: fires involving cooking devices (vegetable and animal oils and fats) in cooking appliances

The Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet can be used in most closed spaces:
– areas with computing technique (computers, computer networks, data banks, computerization and archiving systems, cable tunnels etc.);
– areas for telecommunications equipment (mobile communications, radio-TV stations, communication centers, GSM telephone networks etc.);
– industry (control rooms with process computers, automatic production lines, electricity production equipment, laboratories, drying / painting ovens, warehouses, distribution centers for cold, hot and thermal water, pumping stations, transformer or accumulator stations, fuel distribution networks, electrical and control panels, traffic lights, land, air and naval means of transport, containers or other unsupervised spaces etc.);
– commerce / public institutions / living spaces / health (treasure rooms, document warehouses, museums, libraries, archives, administrative offices, shops, hotels, apartments, villas, garages, warehouses, selective waste collection systems, hospitals, clinics, medical laboratories, warehouses of sanitary material etc.).

  1. Advantages

Among the advantages of using the Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet, we mention:
– The fire extinguishing process is extremely fast, the extinguishing speed being of the order of the seconds;
– It acts by chemical inhibition of the combustion process;
– It is not toxic to humans, animals or plants and does not affect the environment;
– It is an ecological product, biodegradable and does not depreciate the ozone layer;
– It is not corrosive;
– In the case of moving to another space, the costs of repositioning and installation are reduced;
– It does not depend on external sources of water, electricity or pressure;
– The action of the extinguishing agent is independent of the amount of oxygen and can act without problems at altitude or in areas with low oxygen concentration;
– Maintenance expenses are zero;
– It does not require maintenance or control throughout its life compared to other conventional fire extinguishing systems;
– The use of the product does not require specialized knowledge, being accessible to any person;
– Provides protection against fire 24 hours a day;
– Not having a potential source of own ignition of a fire, it can be used in potentially explosive atmospheres;
– It ensures the reduction of the insurance policies;
– Protects capital investment.

  1. Use 

The Bonpet Automatic Fire Extinguishing Device (www.bonpet.ro, www.exall-sting.ro) is an innovative technical means designed for fire protection of enclosed spaces.

Can be used:
– in confined spaces whose volume is small and does not allow the placement inside them of other fire extinguishing systems;
– in enclosed spaces with removable walls (for example walls made of gypsum wall systems), where an inert gas fire extinguishing system cannot be located because the pressure of the inert gases discharged into that space would have the effect of destroying those walls;
– in enclosed spaces within the objectives of historical or tourist interest, where the operations of placing a technical means for the defense against fires must have a minimum impact;
– in enclosed spaces where electricity supply can be a technical problem in the case of other fire extinguishing systems (containers, shelters with telecommunications equipment – mobile telephony, data centers, archives etc.);
– in enclosed spaces where there is the possibility of an explosion;
– in closed spaces located at high heights (its functioning is independent of the altitude where it is located);
– when the necessity of placing a technical means for the defense against fires is requested immediately;
– in other conditions inappropriate for the use of other technical means for fire protection (such as closed spaces with high humidity);
– in situations imposed by a limited budget given that during the warranty period of the Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet (10 years) it does not generate additional costs (maintenance)!

The Bonpet Fire Extinguishing Device can be used for:
– Extinguishing fires of class A, B, F in the initial phase and limiting the spread of fires
– Extinguishing fires of class A, B, C in the initial phase. The fire extinguisher can also be used in Class F fires
– Class A and B fire extinguishers, local fire extinguishers, transformer oil fires, metal cabinets equipped with electric fuses, transformer stations and distribution stations and fire extinguishers in enclosed spaces up to 8 cubic meters

The Bonpet Automatic Fire Extinguishing Device can be used in three ways:

  1. Automatic mode
    In the event of a fire, the contents of the Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet increase its volume under the effect of temperature, and the increasing pressure breaks its thin glass walls.
    Thus, the extinguishing agent floods the protected area where it will exercise its intensive extinguishing capacity.
    Only in this way, this technical means for fire protection can be used to extinguish electrical fires!
  2. Use as manual and individual fire extinguishing equipment
    In this case, the Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet can be removed from the support and thrown into the fire area.
    The extinguishing agent dispersed by breaking the device acts quickly and efficiently.
  3. Extinguishing the fire by diluting the Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet extinguishing agent with water
    By diluting the extinguishing agent from an the Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet with 8 to 10 liters of water, the fire extinguishing capacity is substantially improved.
    The efficiency of the resulting solution is kept for 24 hours after the device is broken.

Due to the long service life, the zero maintenance costs and the 10 year warranty from the date of delivery, the investment in the Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet represents a minimal expense compared to the protection offered.

Warranty period: 10 years from the date of delivery!

The correct dimensioning of the numbers of the Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet is a mandatory condition for their proper functioning and for granting the product guarantee in case of their failure in case of fire.

Please, ask the dealer on the number of the the Automatic Devices for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet needed for your application!

  1. Financial offer

In order to size up the need for the Automatic Device for Fire Extinguishing Bonpet, please let us know the volume of the spaces you want to protect.
For a price offer please don’t hesitate to contact us!

The delivery time is of maximum 15 working days from the confirmation of your order.
We provide free product transport and location assistance!

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