Business is about people – about their satisfaction, motivation and performances. As a manager or HR person, what instruments do you have at hand to support people?

Coaching is, at this moment, the highest step in personal development, for you and for helping others. It facilitates growing performances and breaking the boundaries that stay in the way of reaching one’s full potential. During coaching, we use questions to support the client towards their own goals

On July 31st, CoachingPartners begins a new series of ‘Coach for Champions’, training course for individual coaching. The course is held online, so it is more accessible for you. The course has double accreditation, from Romanian National Qualification Association (ANC) and International Coaching Federation (ICF). During the course, you have access to workshops, practical sessions and mentorship sessions with experienced coaches from our team. We are the only coaching school that offers students the possibility to practice with real clients

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