To the business sector in Romania,

The League of Romanian Students Abroad (LSRS), the Union of Romanian Students (USR) and the Federation of Romanian Medical Students Associations (FASMR) launched on May 18 INTU (, the most ambitious student project from Romania. The INTU platform is born from an aggregate effort and a common desire of the largest student associations in Romania to guide students and young people to opportunities inside the country.

Thus, we want to promote to young Romanians the chance to experience different career opportunities in order to frame decisions regarding a potential career path in Romania. At the same time, the message sent by the founding organizations is a message of unity, communion and development. INTU is an online platform, created by students and dedicated to announcements for internships for young people, being promoted by the 15 international branches of LSRS, 111 student associations brought together by USR, 11 medical student associations gathered by FASMR and through partners.

We want to offer Romanian students the chance to form essential skills in order to obtain a job once they complete their studies, as well as the opportunity to get in touch with the values, practices and organizational culture of companies activating inside of Romania. The platform already enjoys the support of RePatriot – Romanian Business Leaders and other important business organizations.

A possible collaboration will bring a considerable contribution in the development of the project and the achievement of its objectives:

● Orienting young people everywhere towards opportunities in Romania;
● Minimizing the Brain Drain phenomenon;
● Better trained workforce;
● Integration of students in the delicate context of the labour market affected by COVID-19;
● Increasing the presence of the business sector in the student’s life;

Although it is in its early stages, the project benefits from very important supporters. One of them is RePatriot, collaborator and friend of LSRS for more than a year. At this stage of the project, it is critical to promote and gather not only collaborators for internships, but also media partners or strategic partners. In addition to promoting the concept of internship, in the future with the support of universities, the business environment and the Government of Romania we aim to develop an internship model agreed by all parties. The aim is to solve a problem identified by the student environment at the level of mediocre internships that do not bring a real benefit to the development of students’ skills.

Collaboration directions:
● Gathering opportunities for students – internships or projects by promoting within the organization, but also to partners;
● Suggestions on how the opportunities for Romanian students should look and their diversity. In the next stage of the platform, we want to have a round table with the business environment, government representatives, university representatives and student representatives to agree on ideal internships. Specifically, we aim to align between what is required on the labour market and what universities offer, a problem present even today in the most developed countries in the world.
● The context caused by COVID-19 raises many questions. Currently, more and more jobs are practiced at a distance, therefore the internships have also changed. Relevant answers can also be found through working groups with government, business and student representatives. Compared to the current context caused by COVID-19, the project is an excellent opportunity to ensure that future students are prepared and learn the skills needed for future jobs. We are convinced that the business sector together with the student community can significantly contribute to the development of Romania.
Thus, to have students and young people more and more prepared for the labour market and opportunities to ensure this. We need your support!

We are at your disposal for any information.
Robert Stredie – LSRS President, INTU Project Manager –
President FASMR President USR President LSRS