The purpose of this webinar is to improve the behavior you are aware of, in order to establish a meeting.

The webinar’s objective is for you to improve your knowledge regarding the following questions:

1.How do you succeed in establishing an online meeting?

2.How do you write an e-mail in order to get an answer?

3.How to make a phone call?


After this webinar you will have knowledge to improve your behavior regarding:

  1. Effective business networking
  2. Building constructive relationships
  3. The art of follow-up.


Who is Severin Sânzianu and what is he doing?

Severin Sânzianu is an entrepreneur and consultant. For more than 10 years, he has successfully delivered recruitment and support services for companies in Romania, Shenzhen and Hong Kong.

Severin’s diverse experience, acquired during years spent as a managing consultant in his own companies and as a trainer for a multinational company, leads to an extraordinary experience and remarkable results.

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