Dear Business Group,

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter about helping us to raise funds and drive awareness of a competition we are organising. This is to help a local charity which this year (from 28th August 2021) is celebrating 20 years of operating as an NGO.

Love Light Romania, is a local charity based in Ighisu-Nou near Medias, that provides care facilities (The Sanctuary) to young adults with disabilities, who at the age of 18 have to leave the placement centres where they have lived and are left abandoned to fend for themselves without the necessary life or social skills to adapt to a non-care home environment. Or they move to an adult centre where they will live the rest of their lives alone and never knowing what a family or life, is really like.

At The Sanctuary we provide programs that are aimed at helping the residents to learn important life skills, social integration and most importantly it is a family environment for them. Costs are kept low. Just €15 covers a days’ worth of full care, clothing, food etc for residents.

The Covid period of 2020 and 2021 affected all charities typical funding sources, so we have been creative to raise both awareness and funding by introducing two campaigns

  1. A #DonateaDay Campaign with 3 sub campaigns these being
    • where we are asking people to donate €15 or less to highlight that a days’ worth of full care (accommodation, clothing, food etc) costs €15 and by donating this sum or less you can help contribute to someone being looked after for a day. The campaign is based on a math principle where we highlight how many people as a crowd can help provide a day worth of care at the Sanctuary
    • where we are asking people to donate a day of wages. This will likely be considerably more so €100 would pay for a whole week of care for a resident
    • where we are asking people to donate a day of their time to provide skills or services to help fund-raise. This could be organising a local concert or providing some essential skills we need help on.
  2. An Origami competition, which we hope you and your business network/members will help us take viral. The Origami campaign will take place over 6 months from 31st October to 30th April. There are
    • 6 categories that participants can enter, each will have a prize for the best Origami submitted.
    • There will also be seasonal categories for example for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter


    • If we secure enough sponsors, we would also like to announce flash competitions.

      If you can help and would like to participate, please contact Robert Rowe either by emailrob@lovelightromania.com or call, or WhatsApp Robert Rowe, Director, Love Light Romania on +40762613593.

      More information below on the 2 Campaigns

      Campaign 1 Viral Origami Competition.

      We are asking local businesses to help us raise awareness of our charity and the competition. The local business owner can help us by doing 3 things

For more information click here.