• At Vodafone Romania we have taken all the necessary measures to protect the health of our employees and to continue to best serve our customers;
  • Vodafone Romania has shifted the entire customer care activity outside the office, in smart working, to protect its employees;
  • Vodafone Romania Foundation is joining forces to contribute to the support of the Romanian society during this unprecedented crisis.

Bucharest, March 20, 2020 – The health and safety of our employees and customers is Vodafone Romania’s top priority. The presence of COVID-19 across Romania is having a significant impact on our day-to-day lives, changing the way we interact, work, learn, get entertained.

“At Vodafone we are working hard to support all our customers, whether that be businesses, authorities and government departments, healthcare institutions, as well as residential customers, by ensuring world-class connectivity and the communications services they need, particularly during this difficult period of time. Many businesses are relying on our services to ensure continuity. For those working remotely, it is critical that mobile and broadband connectivity supports everything they need to do. As a provider of critical connectivity and communications services enabling our digital society, Vodafone Romania has activated its Business Continuity Plan and implemented specific procedures to monitor and ensure fast reaction whenever needed. Our ultimate goal is to best serve the Romanian society during such hard times in the way Vodafone truly can. I am very proud of our team who is working tirelessly to do the best we can for our customers and for supporting the Romanian society”, said Murielle Lorilloux, CEO Vodafone Romania.

Prioritising our people – work from home wherever possible

Starting last week Vodafone Romania has constantly increased smart working and shifted to working from home in all the business functions where that was possible. Currently, all our office employees all over the country are working remotely, including all the customer care teams.

„Our people are central to everything we do and their health and safety is critical. In just a few days we have successfully managed to set up the entire customer care activity outside the office, in smart working, maintainig, at the same time, the quality of our customer services. This has been a huge challenge and would not have been possible without the remarkable effort and intensive work of all our teams who did everything was needed to shift to the new way of working, while continuing to be there for our customers with no interruptions. I am really proud of our team and I take the opportunity to appreciate their dedication!  Andreea who is taking customers’ call to *222 is working safely from the office and although she is the first automatic speech recognition service in Romania, we are working intensively to adapt her skills to the new requirements from our customers”, said Ioana Mihailescu, Customer Operations Director, Vodafone Romania.

Vodafone Romania has been taking protective and preventive measures for its employees in shops as well. Our retail stores remain open with strict social distancing and health and safety practices being enforced.  We have already reduced the schedule to 6 hours per day. Also, we have implemented a restricted access in the stores, one person per agent at a time. Floor indicators with the safety distance to be observed have been put in place in our retail network. All changes in Vodafone Romania shops work schedule are available at https://www.vodafone.ro/magazine-vodafone/index.htm.

Our field teams – technicians, maintenance and installation teams – especially those working directly with customers, have been provided protective equipment  and have been instructed regarding the preventive actions that they need to take in order to protect themselves and the customers.

We will be constantly monitoring the situation at national level and we will act accordingly to protect our employees, as needed. We are in constant and close contact with the national health authorities to ensure alignment with any additional guidance.

Best serving our customers

Our mission now more than ever is keeping all our customers connected and ensuring them all the communication services they need to work and learn, to stay connected to their family and friends, to have access to healthcare and emergency services.

Vodafone Romania has announced tailored offers to support its customers by facilitating their communication with their family and friends. Thus, all our customers, prepaid and postpaid users, benefit from unlimited calls to Romania from France, Italy, Spain, Germany and UK free of charge until March 31st . Also, Vodafone Romania has introduced for its customers a free bonus with 300 international minutes for mobile and fixed line available for calls to Italy, Spain, Germany, France, UK and Austria, valid for 28 days for prepaid users and for 30 days for contract customers. The bonus can be activated in My Vodafone or at *100#, International.

For companies, Vodafone Romania offers several options, depending on their business needs: 300 international minutes free of charge for fixed and mobile networks towards Italy, Spain, Germany, France, UK, Austria and all the countries from EEA until March 31st. In addition, business customers can activate an extra-option of unlimited national voice or data or 600 international minutes within EEA for free, until April 15. 

More customized offers will be coming fast to continue to help everyone in a meaningful way. All updates of Vodafone Romania’s offers and solutions will be posted on our official pages: https://www.vodafone.ro/personal/info-covid19/index.htm and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vodafonero.

Last but not least, we encourage all our customers to use Vodafone’s online services. Postpaid users can view their invoice on http://factura.vodafone.ro and can pay their bill in My Vodafone or directly on our website: https://bit.ly/2xAnMND. Prepaid users can recharge using My Vodafone app or on our website at www.vodafone.ro/reincarcare.  

Vodafone Romania is well-placed to support an increase of the traffic in the network, which has proven its capabilities over the years, as also reflected by the P3 certification for Best Mobile Network for Data in the country received in the past years. Our team is prepared to provide the same quality of the services for our customers. Vodafone Romania will be expanding capacity to manage increasing demand as much as possible. We also want to ensure that any congestion in the network does not negatively impact mission critical and other essential communications during this period, such as for voice and digital access to health and education, or the ability for people to work from home. In the current context where so many people are working from home and education has moved online, it is important that all our customers understand that consuming communication services in a responsible manner will allow everyone to benefit from good quality communication services. 

Vodafone Romania Foundation is joining forces to contribute to the support of the Romanian society

During this unprecedented crisis, Vodafone Romania Foundation continues its mission to contribute to the support of the Romanian society through several initiatives in partnership with the Government and other Authorities, as well as NGOs.

  • Also, Vodafone Romania Foundation has bought medical equipment for Marie Curie Hospital, consisting in 100 individual inhalers for the neonatology section, 50 air pumps, 5 air purifiers for larger spaces and 5 mini-inhalers.
  • Children and teachers in rural areas of Romania can continue the educational activities online, in an efficient and interactive way, through the digital educational platform, offered by the Vodafone Romania Foundation within the School in a Box program. Vodafone Romania Foundation has also partnered with CISCO, IBM, and World Vision to offer free Webex licenses to teachers for 180 days. With the help of this platform, teachers can hold classes in real time, through video-conference, while having all their students present, even if they are remote. Moreover, on March 23rd, teachers who want to learn how to hold their classes online can participate in a free webinar where teachers already enrolled in the School in a Box program will share their knowledge.
  • Vodafone Romania Foundation is also supporting Cumparaturi la usa ta (Shopping at Your Door) initiative, developed by Geeks for Democracy association, through which volunteers can help elderly and other quarantined people by bringing them food and medicines. Vodafone Romania Foundation contributed by providing a call center, as well as phones and communication services enabling volunteers to take up calls.
  • Together with ING Bank and the Romanian-American Foundation, Vodafone Romania Foundation is supporting 6 new digital solutions developed by Code4Romania and run in partnership with the Romanian Government and The Agency for the Digital Agenda of Romania (AADR). The first one is ro, a platform meant to gather in a single place all the official information issued by the Romanian authorities regarding the COVID crisis.

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