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The trust level between employees and managers determines how they will work together and how successful the organization will be.

Studies show that 70% of employees do not trust their managers and 37% of employees say that managers do not trust them. These numbers have an extremely strong impact on business: trust is the foundation of every working relationship, and the crux of building a work environment in which people are motivated and involved.

We all know what untrustworthy work environment looks like: managers who do not share information, who take credit for the work of others and do not recognise their contribution, where confidentiality is not respected, employees are afraid to share their worries, and in the end no one takes responsibility.


The workshop will help you:

– to define trust within your organisation and its worth

– to identify those behaviours that undermine trust in a workplace

– to understand how trust is built and which are the necessary constituents

– to explore and identify the customized steps for your team and organization


The result

By building trustworthy relations in the workplace, you will get:

– increased communications and transparency within your team

– increased support and collaboration level within your team

– stimulation of curiosity and creative ideas

– increased professional satisfaction, motivation and employees involvement

– increased team efficiency and performance.


About us/ Our description:


Roxana Burnei

I coach managers and their teams to develop a mindset open to change, and turn challenges into business advantages. I challenge my clients by addressing sensitive issues and support the transition to the desired change.

I have over 13 years in international negotiations, in setting up and coordinating working groups to define and achieve their goals, as well as in leadership communication. I am an ICF member, ANC accredited coach and facilitator of organisational development by creating programs adapted to the current context.

As a facilitator and coach, I address topics such as effective communication at the organizational level, development of managerial skills, changes at the organizational level, change of behaviours.

My highest strengths are reliability, good intuition and the ability to evaluate each client’s situation, and work with them to develop a strategy and to implement.  I stimulate client’s personal or team confidence and motivation, provide support by changing perspectives, and give realistic, constructive feedback/ feedforward to make the client responsible.

Tel: 0744487334

Email: roxana.burnei@gmail.com

Site: roxanaburnei.ro


Carmen Negiba

I mentor and coach ambitious leaders to maximise their impact into organizations. My focus is supporting them to develop and sustain a growing mindset and to leverage their leadership and interpersonal skills.

I bring together neuroscience, positive psychology and business acumen and translate them into programs that lead to personal and organizational transformation.

After 15 years in the HR and people development field, including people management and process optimization; where my last job in a multinational was to set up, develop and optimize the Recruitment Department for Eastern Europe of the company I have worked for, I am now an ACC coach certified by International Coach Federation, certified trainer and leadership and organizational development consultant.

I am experienced in Executive Coaching, Growth Mindset, Behaviour Change, Designing and delivering leadership development programs and business focused solutions, Assessing and shaping corporate culture, Communication, Transition and Processes Optimization.

Tel: 0722714253

Email: carmen.negiba@gmail.com