As a manager, creating a work environment where team members feel safe, supported, understood and respected can make a difference. Show them that you care for them, listen to their problems, offer them support when they need it and create an attractive fringe benefits package that meet their needs and will contribute to both motivation and retention. So you have every reason to put together a valuable benefits package for your team.


In addition to the classic meal vouchers and vacation bonuses, life insurance and health subscriptions have risen to the top of the list of benefits you can offer employees. In a labor market facing a lack of well-trained employees for the job and a difficult retention rate, as reported by 41% of Romanian companies, these benefits are no longer just a form of appreciation, but an essential tool in attracting, motivating and retaining employees.


Employee health and safety benefits play a vital role in helping to increase productivity and engagement, which ultimately boosts the company’s overall success. Employees who feel safe and valued are more motivated to perform and stay with their employers.


What fringe benefits will you give to your employees?


It’s simple, top employees seek to have employers like them. Businesses that want to get more from their teams should create programs and benefits packages that provide support in and out of the office.


Extra-salary benefits aimed at financial well-being, health and emotional balance are the starting point for any solid package that supports recruitment activities, but also staff retention. Programs built around these components give employees access to valuable solutions that make them feel valued and supported by the company they work for.

If you need ideas on what types of benefits to include in such a package or how to develop your existing one, the article below is the ideal resource to find out all the information you need about employee wishes, legislative news from the last year and the most effective strategies for choosing and communicating benefits, presented by Groupama and other reference sources in the field.

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