We are all aware that Microsoft Teams features like chat, meetings, and calls are very useful for keeping people in touch. On the flip side, many users wonder if it can really enhance the way we work.

We say “yes” to that question. Paired with Microsoft Power Automate, Teams can help you and your team work more efficiently, no matter what’s your business position.

Part of Office 365 cloud-suite, Microsoft Power Automate provides a simple way to design automated workflows for your entire organisation using logic-based building blocks and a trigger that allows the process to kick-off. Additionally, starting with a basic message within Microsoft Teams, the upgraded “for a selected message” trigger is guiding us towards more efficient and productive business operations.

Here are three specific instances of how Microsoft Teams and Power Automate can help you reshape the way you operate. 

How to turn a discussion into a sales opportunity is the first example for Sales Departments.

The ability to register a client opportunity is an important aspect of any sales process, and most opportunities originate from a first discussion. In this case, Teams users have the option to record an opportunity from the very beginning.

Anyone on your team will be able to create a Sales opportunity simply by tapping the “…” on the right side of a message and selecting the “Create Sales Opportunity” option. After the completion of a form, all the information will be added to the CRM instantly.

Tracking project information is the second example dedicated to PM teams

A dynamic dialogue guarantees projects move forward more quickly. Without exception, projects force us to keep lists — whether project status, equipment needed, or scheduled meetings.

Microsoft SharePoint lists is the optimal solution for you and your team because they can aggregate information and various files. Besides, users may now use the new Power Automate trigger to add information to their SharePoint lists directly from the Teams chat. Once the flow is built, team members can easily add important information to their list from within a chat — for example, to indicate that a project KPI has been accomplished.

Important topics follow-up is the third example

Overwhelmed professional lives is a normality and every so often you may receive an essential message but be unable to respond immediately because you are about to join a videocall or you are in the middle of something else. There’s no need to be concerned because you can now set a reminder to follow up on that crucial communication later in the day or after you’ve finished that other critical task.

By designing a simple “follow-up” flow, anyone can easily create a personalized message reminder by pressing the “…” button on the right-hand side of the message and specifying the exact time they want to be reminded. Following this, the Flow bot will send a reminder to the user in Teams, along with a message link.


What next?

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