The beginning of the year brings significant changes for all fields and industries. And the IT part is no exception. Starting from this principle, the Romanian software development company, Roweb, analysed the latest trends in digital transformation that it has adopted and will reach a new level of development in 2023.

Below there is a list of some of them:


Increasing the number of applications developed in the cloud

Most of the applications developed by Roweb are integrated in the cloud, thanks to the benefits they offer: ample storage space for information, security, fast access, data backup, and so on.

However, the trends of 2023 show that more and more entrepreneurs will want to develop custom applications using this efficient technology that allows them better performance. This will represent a challenge for IT teams and cloud service providers, who will have to come up with complex solutions. 


Process automation

Reducing redundant tasks, consuming resources and time, represents another trend towards which most entrepreneurs who want to invest in digitization in 2023 aspire.

As a result, this was the decision of many customers in the Roweb portfolio who chose to develop, with the help of dedicated teams, intelligent software products that connect departments and processes. An example in this sense is Whise CRM – a project that streamlined the activity of a Belgian client from the real estate field.


Intelligent search systems

Searching on a platform or an application must return correct results in just a few seconds. This makes search functions based on intelligent algorithms a must-have for this year.

Roweb is already developing an advanced search solution called Searchency. For the moment, it has been implemented in several e-commerce platforms developed by the Romanian software company, and the observed results were satisfactory: the increase in conversions by up to 43%.

This shows that search efficiency, although a fairly standard feature, remains an aspect of interest in 2023 as users become increasingly impatient to find out what they need in a short time.


The main assets that make Roweb a reliable partner in the digital transformation process in 2023:

  • The diversified portfolio with an international profile – clients from over 30 countries;
  • Lack of linguistic and cultural barriers (Roweb employees are fluent in English);
  • Transparency in terms of how the processes are organised and developed, thanks to the Agile methodology and permanent investment in internal and external communication systems;
  • Long-term partnerships with clients (the most extended partnership has over 18 years and is represented by the collaboration with a company of Belgian origin, the leader in the real estate industry)
  • Positive reviews and 5-star ratings in dedicated platforms (Clutch, GoodFirms etc.);
  • The possibility of adapting the teams according to the project (dedicated team, stuff augmentation or project team) and the coverage of various roles: senior developers, project managers, business analysts, scrum masters, UX, UI,  product owners, designers, QA Engineers etc.);
  • Valuable human resources for complex projects: over 50% of developers are senior level.