The BURSA press group is organizing, in partnership with the National Institute for the Training of Insolvency Practitioners, the 7th edition of the “Insolvency Code” Conference, on February 27th, 2020, starting at 09:30, at the Marshal Garden Hotel*****, the Panoramic 1 Room, of 50B, Calea Dorobanților, District 1, Bucharest.

Participation in the works of the conference is part of the ongoing professional training of insolvency practitioners with a total number of 6 points awarded for the hours of debates and presentations (for the members of the UNPIR).

The conference is included in the program for the ongoing training and professional improvement of lawyers. The professional training points will be awarded at the end of the conference, based on the evaluation criteria of the I.N.P.P.A.

  • Proposed topics:
  • The directive concerning restructuring and insolvency – provisions and status of its implementation in the national legislation;
  • Necessary measures for the transposition of the European insolvency and restructuring regulations in the national legislative framework;
  • The differences between the rules concerning the insolvency of major companies, of groups of companies and of SMEs;
  • The analysis of the management of companies, especially in the case of state-owned companies, as a solution for the prevention or avoidance of bankruptcy;
  • The lack of regulations in the case of potential bankruptcies of 2nd Pillar pension funds;
  • Tax breaks for insolvent companies;
  • Conditions for removing the seizure on the debtors’ goods ordered by the criminal courts;
  • Taxation in the field – the effects of the Ordinance concerning the implementation of some tax breaks in the insolvency procedure;
  • Evaluation standards in the insolvency procedure;
  • The applicability of the insolvency of individuals.

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