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Although relatively small and with average temperatures of 30-34°C all year round, the island of Singapore is a highly desirable location for data centres due to its strong economic outlook, stable political and regulatory environment, and reliable infrastructure.

This has resulted in an explosion of data centres across the island with many more planned in the coming years. Leaving Singapore with a major question to answer.

Where will they get the power?

Data centres are well known energy guzzlers with one of the major contributing factors being the massive air-conditioning systems required to combat the large quantities of heat being produced by the IT equipment.


  • Professionals in the Data Centre industry (owners, vendors and other stakeholders)
  • Sustainability professionals
  • Anyone interested in the future landscape of Singapore


Singapore has a well documented history of understanding global trends and predicting the most valuable industries to invest in. This has resulted in huge amounts of land and money being allocated to support what they see as the future with the Petrochemical, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries being shining examples of where Singapore got it right.

The next big bet is data storage and management with the development of digital districts such and Punggol and the proliferation of data centres all over the island.


This webinar looks to share:

  • Singapore’s plans for the Data Centre industry,
  • the energy challenges this poses and
  • how providers are raising to the challenge to ensure Singapore can continue to play a leading role in this global industry without running out of the power needed to support it.

The focus will be on :

  • how data centres will manage their huge demand for energy from a practical perspective as well as
  • regional developments, international practices for adaptation and,
  • how they can tackle the challenge of decarbonization through efficient design as well as a transitioning to renewable energy sources and carbon offsets.


Paul Currie

Energy Sector Leader at Mott MacDonald Singapore Pte Ltd


A/Prof Lee Poh Seng (Executive Director, of Energy Studies Institute)

A/Prof Lee Poh Seng

Executive Director, of Energy Studies Institute


Andrew Roche (Partner at Ashurst LLP)

Andrew Roche

Partner at Ashurst LLP


Dennis Wee (Head, Innovation at Keppel Data Centres)

Dennis Wee

Head, Innovation at Keppel Data Centres


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