Total Business Solutions in partnerships with Leadership Focus, launches :

“Talent Acquisition Academy for Successful Companies “. 4 on-line modules program for HR professionals and People Managers.

The program is for those who want to successfully implement an ‘A to Z’ type process for identifying, attracting and hiring talent in their teams. The Facilitators, Daniela Necefor from ‘Total Business Solutions’ and Anca Covaciu from ‘Leadership Focus’, are HR consultants with 20+ years of experience of working in organizations and in specialized services. They are offering targeted knowledge and practice gathered in an interactive program that includes practice, theory, video sequences and group discussions for ensuring a high degree of retention and applicability in real life. Participation includes also small projects for putting new knowledge into practice.

The program equips participants with useful tested insights from the practice of experience TA practitioners and with increased self confidence that practice with lead to the desired success!   The modules of workshop are taking place on : 28th of July, 30th of July, 4th of August and 6th of August, between 17:30- 20:00.

For more information and program access details, please go to: or mail at : , or phone”: 0722 352 673 – Daniela Necefor

We welcome you to join us !