The Diplomat- Bucharest organizes on June 16h, the online conference SUSTAINABILITY IN BUSINESS – Practice what you preach, to take place between 14.30-16.30 (Romania’s hours).

Living in the office and doing business in sustainable ways started to be in the past years, a major objective for companies and all the business stakeholders, even if sometimes, in the more declarative way.

What is this year’s the corporate VALUE PROPOSITION for SUSTAINABILITY, LEADERS’ APPROACH and ACTUAL ACTIONS to meet the targets?

In this context, we adress you the invitation of STRATEGIC PARTNER within SUSTAINABILITY IN BUSINESS e-conference, along with key opinion leaders, reputed voices on relevant industries,managers and authority representatives acknowledged for their comittment in the business lanscape in Romania.

The deeper understanding of sustainability requires profound research, a lot of money involved, big data analysis and a joint of think-talks that only worldwide organizations possess. At simpler scale, a sustainable company is one whose purpose and actions are equally grounded in financial, environmental, and social concerns.

With the hope that you will find relevant our INVITATION as STRATEGIC PARTNER ASSOCIATION at the upcoming SUSTAINABILITY IN BUSINESS e-conference, we offer you details on the event website.