The law firm STOICA & Asociații was established in November 1995. On its anniversary, starting with 2007, STOICA & Asociații granted the Excellence award for the entire legal career to prominent personalities of legal life in Romania, as a sign of appreciation for their contribution to the consolidation of the legal culture and the values ​​of the rule of law in our country. Throughout the years, this prize was awarded to: Professor Şerban Beligrădeanu, PhD (2007), Professor Vladimir Hanga, PhD (2008), Ion Bacanu, lawyer (2009), Mihail I. Ghiga, lawyer (2010), Professor Emil Molcut, professor (2011), Professor Ion Turcu, PhD (2012), Professor Viorel Mihai Ciobanu, PhD (2013), Professor Stanciu Cărpenaru, PhD (2014), Professor Liviu Pop, PhD (2015), Ana Alexandrina Savin, referee (2016), Professor H. C. Nicolae Volonciu, PhD (2017), Professor Corneliu Bîrsan, PhD (2018), Professor Raluca Miga Beșteliu, PhD (2019), Professor Dan Chirică, PhD (2020), Professor Emeritus Valentin Constantin, PhD (2021).

This year, the partners of the law firm STOICA & Asociații decided to grant  the Excellence award for the entire legal career to Ioan Leș, PhD, Professor from the Faculty of Law “Simion Bărnuţiu” of the University “Lucian Blaga” Sibiu, in recognition of his scientific work, for the pertinent points of view and the staunch positions adopted in defence of the values ​underpinning the normative system of the civil process and the conceptual construction of the science of civil procedural law.

People build the institutions and their prestige. Sometimes, not very often, a personality builds a professional career and a moral profile with intelligence, perseverance, and creativity for decades, acquiring the dimensions of a real institution. Professor Ioan Leș, PhD, is not only the academic around whom the Faculty of Law from Sibiu was built, in a form reborn in the post-December period, but also the personality that became a real institution.” argued Professor Emeritus Valeriu Stoica, PhD, and Founding Partner of STOICA & Asociații the granting of the legal award in the letter of motivation.

The prize was awarded during a ceremony, which took place at the headquarters of the law firms STOICA & Asociații, on November 8. On this occasion, Professor Ioan Leș, PhD, gave a lecture entitled Reflections on establishing the truth in judicial proceedings: realities and perspectives.

In their professional activity, the lawyers from STOICA & Asociații always remain faithful to the founding principles: Fidelitas, Integritas, Fortitudo.

Founded in 1995, STOICA & Asociații has gained national and international recognition in the world of law and the business environment, through its entire activity of legal assistance and representation of a vast portfolio of clients. Currently, the lawyers from STOICA & Asociații have proven that they are a strong team, based on the observance of its principles: Fidelitas, Integritas, Fortitudo. STOICA & Asociații has acquired an excellent national and international reputation. Its professional achievements are recognized in the most important international legal guides: Chambers Europe, Legal 500, WTR 1000, IAM Patent 1000.