Since the digitization trend of 2023 is adopted by more and more entrepreneurs who want to bring progress and significant savings to their businesses, the Romanian software development company, Roweb, has offered some examples of the benefits that its team of programmers can bring to those who choose a “staff augmentation” type of collaboration.

Below there is a list of the most important of these.


Top benefits offered by Roweb to those who choose to outsource projects to its team

First, the concept of staff augmentation offers clients the ease of finding valuable and well-trained human resources in one place, simplifying the recruitment process and considerably reducing the delivery time of projects and applications.

Secondly, it is about the experience. The Roweb company means over 130 programmers. Of these, more than half are seniors who have been involved in projects covering various industries, accumulating the necessary experience to solve tasks and maintain the coherence of the workflow.

Thirdly, it is about the complete solutions that the company offers. For example, when a client decides to increase its project team and needs the coverage of specific roles such as QA Engineer, Product Owner, Project Manager, Tech Consultant, etc., through a staff augmentation solution, quick results can be obtained in a short time.

On the other hand, transparency and effective communication are some of the aspects that made Roweb receive good recommendations on dedicated platforms (such as Clutch and Good Firms). 

Thus, using the Agile methodology, Roweb provides clients with information about the status of their tasks and projects, team members participating in meetings and respecting the deadlines established with the client’s team.

Starting from these principles (and using the staff augmentation working model), the company has developed projects for clients from over 30 countries: Great Britain, Belgium, Denmark, the USA, Canada, and Switzerland – are just a few examples. 

Among these examples, we can emphasise some market leaders, such as Whise (the real estate industry – with which the company has collaborated since 2006) or Tourpaq (the tourism industry).

However, during the time, Roweb’s objective was to collaborate with entrepreneurs and teams that shared the same vision: digitisation as a key means of business evolution.


Other key aspects of Roweb:

  • Beyond the staff augmentation work model, Roweb offers two other possibilities for organising the IT activity. An example is the dedicated team model – a concept used especially for clients who have a complex project, the development of which extends over a longer period and who need a more extensive, dedicated team. On the other hand, there is also the project-based work model, which is usually implemented for clients who need people to deal with activities related to their projects. The period of development depends on the project’s complexity. 
  • The Roweb brand has been on the market since 2004. Over time, growth (primarily organic) has allowed the collection of more than 100 projects in the company’s portfolio.
  • The fact that Roweb employees are fluent English speakers allowed the elimination of linguistic and cultural barriers. In addition, the company constantly invests in people’s development to keep up with technologies and market requirements.