Romanian Software House, Roweb, has great objectives for 2022. As expected, these plans also include significant investments that will be made on three levels: human resources, customers, and equipment. 

Here are some essential details about their business strategy. 

A new office in the UK 

Because Roweb’s portfolio includes more than 80% of clients from the UK, the company plans to open an office in this country. 

This office will be both a point of contact for companies in the area interested in custom software development services and a workspace for local developers who want to work from there and become part of Roweb’s community.

Increasing the clients’ portfolio 

By 2022, the focus will remain on the UK, but Roweb plans to expand to other markets where the brand is already known through projects developed for local businesses in the next three years. However, the strategy will spotlight countries such as Denmark, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, the USA, and some countries from the Middle East.

The company also aims to diversify the industries in which it develops software projects. The main sectors for which the Romanian software development team has developed projects so far are recruitment & HR, finance & insurance, real estate, tourism & hospitality, retail / e-commerce. 

“Together with companies from these industries, we have enjoyed very stable collaborations. For example, the longest project has been going on for over 17 years with a client from Belgium (Whise – the solution we develop makes them an industry leader in Belgium), followed by the collaboration with one of the largest tour operators in Denmark (Tourpaq – Primotours), over ten years. 

We also have a large number of UK clients in our portfolio, especially in the recruitment area (e.g., nGage). We should not forget the financial area, where we have several US companies in our portfolio (e.g., Filelater, SpotLight Vegas, etc.).”

 Viorel Costea – Roweb’s CEO

More experts in Roweb’s team 

Currently, Roweb has senior developers who have been working for them for over 15 years. They started their careers in the company and chose not to leave. These people add value to projects, and the team leaders refer to them when they recruit other seniors. 

At the same time, from internally organised internship programs, Roweb was able to select juniors who are also valuable and constantly growing under seniors’ guidance. 

Thus, in 2022, the company tends towards people interested in hiring experienced seniors and juniors who aim to develop a career in this industry. 

Quick facts about Roweb: 

  • 18+ years of activity in the industry; 
  • Three offices in 3 different cities in Romania; 
  • Diversity of software services: app & web development, app & web design, maintenance, outdated website optimisation, data and content migration, integrations with 3rd-party systems; 
  • 80% customer retention rate; 
  • Main technologies: .Net, PHP, React JS, Angular, Vue JS, Android, iOS, Apache Cordova, Java, Azure, Magento, Amazon Web Services;
  • 17+ years the longest ongoing project in the Real Estate industry; 
  • 130+ experts in their team of professionals (more than 50% of them are seniors);
  • 8+ years of internships;