On July 28, 2022, the Romanian software development company, Roweb, was invited to become a partner of an event called “Digitalization of Romania”. The goal of the online meeting was to discuss topics with a significant impact on digital transformation. 

The event is in its third edition and brings together decision-makers from the private and public environment, concerned with emphasising the digital transformation of businesses and institutions.

The video conference was broadcast live on the host’s website (www. bursa.ro), Facebook & YouTube, and the partners’ personal Social Media accounts. 

Among the debated topics we mention:

  • Evolution and perspectives in the IT&C industry;
  • What are the priority investments of IT&C companies after two years of the crisis caused by the covid-19 pandemic?
  • Romania’s economic situation – forced digitisation & cyber challenges imposed by the war;
  • Geo-political context and cyber security;
  • How can the business environment prepare its defence against cyber attacks;
  • Forced digitalisation: problems and solutions for the IT&C industry;
  • 5G Law: implementation & implications;
  • Digital map of Europe;
  • Key industries and digitalisation;
  • The digitisation of healthcare – a necessity accelerated by the pandemic.

Roweb attends international tech events 

Despite this online conference, Roweb also takes part in international tech events as part of the official delegation of Romania.

From the position of ATIC and ARIES member, Roweb started participating in business and tech events in 2014, with some of them having constant attendance. GITEX Technology Week from Dubai, MWC Barcelona, ​​MWC Las Vegas, LEC Geneva, Swiss IT Forums Geneva, and GPeC Romania are just a few examples. 

Since such a large percentage of Roweb’s business comes from international markets, an important step in the strategy of increasing visibility in the targeted countries is represented by physical participation in tech events. Furthermore, since our business model involves a complex process and large, long-term projects, these participations are translated into opportunities to get to know each other and socialise, which open the way to a relationship of trust”, said Viorel Costea, CEO and co-founder Roweb.


About Roweb:

  • Roweb has teams of software developers dedicated to projects. In addition, depending on the complexity of the application, they will assign a number of experienced specialists to handle the tasks.
  • There are more than 130 professionals in the Roweb team, and of these, over 50% are seniors. This means they have the knowledge to turn ideas into a project that keeps pace with changes in the current context.
  • The company’s portfolio includes clients from more than 30 countries. Roweb chooses to work mainly for the international market due to the high interest in digitalisation. In countries such as the UK, Belgium, Denmark, and Switzerland, Roweb has encountered maturity from the perspective of digitalisation and a growing availability to accelerate digital transformation processes in all industries. 
  • The working model based on dedicated teams means people who will take care of the project and who can give correct estimates. Technical consulting is also a big plus because it can help clients figure out the project specifications.
  • The Romanian software house company also delivers custom solutions adapted to clients’ needs.