Because one of the values ​​of the Roweb team is solidarity, and involvement in the community is a priority for the Romanian software development company, the next period will focus on initiatives that support the local community.

The emphasis will be primarily on supporting educational institutions from the cities where the company has headquarters (Pitesti, Craiova, Bucharest). Following that, along with the development of the brand, other national initiatives will also be taken into account.

Among the most recent activities that the Roweb team put into practice was the realization of a Computer Science book for the students of a high school in Pitesti. The book will be distributed to the students from the profile classes who study Informatics and have a high chance of interacting with the IT industry when their educational training ends.

Other Roweb initiatives to support the local community

In the summer of this year, Roweb supported the “Tehno Z Lighting Bolts” Team at the World Robotics Championship SESI FIRST INTERNATIONAL OPEN in Rio de Janeiro. A group of talented and tech-passionate children benefited from the company’s financial support and an Open Doors visit, which helped them understand what a career in a software development company means.

Supporting education is not accidental for Roweb because the formation of the software development company is linked to high school activity.

More precisely, the Roweb story began during computer classes when a teacher (now the CEO of the company – Viorel Costea) managed to instill in his students a passion for programming. Later, three of these students joined the teacher and became partners in a business that was emerging in a context where digital was just a rumor.

Roweb will support the modernisation of an IT laboratory

Roweb’s initiatives do not stop here. The company intends to support another educational action: creating an Informatics laboratory at the University of Pitesti. It will be equipped with the necessary computers and laptops so students and teachers can conduct their courses in a modern environment.

The creation of the laboratory is the second initiative of this kind. Years ago, Roweb equipped such a classroom in a local high school.

“As a teacher, I’ve met students with great potential. It’s one of the privileges of teaching: to see not only what a student is, but also what he/she can become someday. Their enthusiasm and capabilities were definitely an inspiration for me. On the other hand, I’ve noticed a real potential for creating an IT company on the market. So, putting these two together, I’ve realized soon that it would be a real lost opportunity not to involve some of my (former) students in a bold project.” said Viorel Costea, Roweb co-founder. 

Some aspects about Roweb:

  • The company, founded in 2004, offers various software services: enterprise applications, mobile applications, eCommerce platforms, CRM, technical consulting, UI/UX design, e-learning platforms, etc.
  • Most of the employees of this company are software developers with senior experience.
  • Roweb grew rapidly from one year to the next, this development bringing with it more and more diversity to the company’s culture. Something that remained, however, irreplaceable is the passion for programming. This led the company to put the initiatives under a branding umbrella called #ForTheLoveOfProgramming.
  • The company’s experience allows them to adopt international projects (market leaders in specific profile fields) and to come from countries with widely developed IT activity: Belgium, USA, UAE, Canada, Denmark, Holland, UK, etc.