As an ATIC (Association for Information Technology and Communications) member, the Romanian software development company, Roweb, is participating this week at the SWISS IT Forum(s) event in Geneva.

The meeting has a different format and represents a mix of a forum – thematic discussions with essential names from the industry – and an exhibition – which offers software development companies the opportunity to present their digital solutions.

The event in Geneva – a conference and discussion forum about digital transformation

The Roweb team is ready to welcome at the stand entrepreneurs and business people who are concerned about keeping pace with industry trends and who want to accelerate their digital journey.

According to recent statistics, more and more such entrepreneurs have concluded that they can save essential resources, evolve, and offer their customers a superior experience using software solutions based on modern technologies.

As a promoter of digitization, the SWISS event in Switzerland is an important landmark in the Roweb team’s schedule and a conference that helps the company’s representatives to align with international software development norms.

For Roweb, digital transformation means more than a simple concept. It is a business philosophy that he promotes and recommends to all partners and clients. And the Swiss IT Forum (s) is the ideal place to meet like-minded people.

Moreover, the position of an ATIC member strengthens defining concepts for the Roweb brand, such as the free exchange of opinions of the IT community, supporting creative ideas, and finding digital solutions that bring progress to companies and society.

This year’s Swiss IT Forum (s) program will include conferences and discussions on:

  • digital transformation;
  • CSR & Green I.T.;
  • Cloud storage and implementation;
  • DevOps;
  • A.I. CRM & ERP.

Business, tech & eCommerce events – a tradition for Roweb 

Participation in the SWISS IT Forum(s) is not a first for the Romanian company. Roweb has also taken part in the past editions of the event, the representatives of this brand declaring themselves impressed by the organization and experience in a country where digital transformation has gained impressive ground.

After the end of this event, the Roweb team will participate in 

  • GPeC – one of the most significant eCommerce events in Romania;
  • MWC Las Vegas – the renowned conference dedicated to the development of Mobile applications; 
  • Gitex – a conference in Dubai where tech pioneers will share their experiences related to the directions of software development (the emphasis being on innovation).

About Roweb – as a partner in digital transformation:

  • Roweb is a software development company created in 2004.
  • The portfolio includes clients from over 30 countries, including Switzerland, UK, Canada, Belgium, Denmark etc.
  • The project approach starts from three working models: project collaboration, dedicated team model, and staff augmentation.
  • The Roweb team includes over 130 software developers, most seniors.
  • The company has three offices in Romania and will open a new office in the UK soon.
  • The software Development is based on modern technologies and frameworks such as PHP, .Net, Node Js, React, Laravel, Python, Symfony, Magento 2, etc.