Bucharest, 27 march 2020: Following the first contributions to the Necessity Fund launched last week, Regina Maria Social Innovation Foundation announces the purchase of a mechanical ventilation device worth 37,000 euros, which will be configured and installed in the following days at the ATI section of the National Institute of Infectious Diseases Prof. Matei Bals. The purchase of the fan was made by the generous contribution of Mrs. Dr. Ileana Penea (General Manager MediaMed Publicis) and Dr. Wargha Enayati (President of the Regina Maria Social Innovation Foundation).

“The greatest pressure is on the medical system during this period, and the lack of vital equipment, in the context of the pandemic, can become dramatic. The capacity of hospitals to intervene and manage the cases of contamination needs to be reinforced with priority, and the doctors, who are in the front line, need all the help to be able to fight”, said the doctor Wargha Enayati, President of the Regina Maria Social Innovation Foundation.

In a period that showed us how important the rapid and precise interventions in the fight with COVID-19 are, the Regina Maria Social Innovation Foundation intensifies its efforts to reduce the pressure on the Romanian medical system, using its expertise of almost 10 years it has in the medical field. The organization draws attention to the urgent and varied needs that the Romanian society faces in the context of the pandemic, announcing last week the launch of a Necessity Fund for immediate relief of the pressure on state hospitals and allocating the main resources for this capital effort.

The contributions of companies and individuals to the Necessity Fund continue to be collected and are intended for the following support lines:

  • the immediate repair of the defective fans and the coverage of other technical or consumables needs related to the fan fleet identified in the State Hospitals in Bucharest and in the country;
  • taking urgent medical support measures of the vulnerable social categories through the activity carried out in the two social clinics of the Foundation, in order to offer access to vital medical services to patients not infected with COVID-19, especially in the context of this humanitarian crisis, when accessing the medical system the state is limited. The efforts to support and protect the social beneficiaries of the organization – uninsured patients and patients with low incomes – and patients who are not social cases but who need constant medical services (elderly, chronic patients, other patients, will be intensified in the next period) at high risk.

“11% of Romania’s population is NOT medically insured. Our foundation has 2600 patients in this category and 1200 insured patients, but with very low incomes. These categories of patients, without incomes or with too little income to be able to afford medical services in private, are generally the ones who most often call the ambulance service and the ward rooms of the hospitals. We want to protect them during this period, thus protecting the state hospitals ”, executive director of the Regina Maria Social Innovation Foundation, Cristiana Mateoiu

So far, the following companies have generously contributed to the Necessity Fund, which we thank for joining us in this fight: Kaufland Romania, Romanian Business Consult (RBC), The Social Incubator Association in collaboration with Nepi Rockcastle, Terapia SA, Schneider Electric , Ejot and Radox, as well as smaller companies that support our efforts with great effort (Esmed, Traun, Electroproject, VAT Bestal, AGC Flat Glass Romania).

Any aid to the NecessityFund is important, here will be centralized the contributions of companies and all those who can help reduce the pressure on the Romanian medical system.

Sponsorships are being made:

  • In our account: RO70RZBR0000060012785673, holder Fundatia CMU Regina Maria
  • Online HERE
  • By sending an SMS at 8844 with the text SOARTA for 2 Euro/month
  • By redirecting 20% ​​of the corporate tax for the first fiscal quarter to March 31 through a sponsorship contract.

Regina Maria Social Innovation Foundation is a social initiative of the spouses Mitra and Wargha Enayati, the only NGO that has been offering a wide range of free medical services for people without incomes and medical insurance for almost 10 years, and who cares for more than 15 teachers. and volunteers, a number of 200 children from disadvantaged families in the two educational centers of the foundation (Clinceni and Baneasa).