The HoReCa industry is in full recovery process. In order to cope, operators and investors have to demonstrate a good management of risks and resources. No business is risk-free, and if you allways put your faith in the hope that problems and incidents will pass you by, you may end up in situations that will risk the very continuity of your business. No one says to put the evil first, but accidents, unforeseen situations or even catastrophes still happen. And in order not to affect your business, these risks can be insured. And Groupama can provide your business with a series of continuity solutions in case your business is affected by unforeseen events.

From fire, lightning, explosion, damage to insured buildings by road vehicles or catastrophic risks, to accidental damage to water and sewage installations, to heating and air conditioning installations, as well as damage to electrical and electronic devices, flooding from neighbors or theft, risk remains an element that can destabilize any balance. And although no one can guarantee you complete safety, a suitable insurance can guarantee the continuity of your personal or business plans, when the unexpected occurs. By opting for Insurance for buildings and other assets of the company, you will have the certainty that, regardless of the risks to which the buildings are exposed, be it hotels, restaurants, guesthouses, canteens or the insured goods, machinery, stocks of goods, materials and raw materials, you will more easily overcome any problems , both financially and in terms of the time needed to repair the damage.

The above-mentioned events usually mean business interruption and loss generation. That is why, complementary to building insurance, with Business Interruption Insurance you can also insure yourself against the loss of gross profit caused by the temporary, partial or total interruption of the activity, following some insured events.

In the HoReCa field, the safety and comfort of guests is paramount. You certainly strive to provide the best experience for your customers, but there may be such cases where the situation gets out of control and you accidentally, negligently or recklessly cause property damage or bodily injury to guests, suppliers or employees. In such cases Civil Liability Insurance is the right solution to minimise the financial impact on the business.

For example, based on the Civil Liability Insurance of Tourist and Hotel Units, you can receive compensation for court costs and for the amounts you are obliged to pay for damages caused by your fault to the customers, caused by:

• bodily injury and/or damage, destruction or loss of material goods belonging to them, left in the allocated accommodation spaces or at the hotel reception, cloakroom, cloakroom, laundries

• the food or products consumed by them

• improper cleanliness and safety conditions of the accommodation, treatment, leisure spaces, furniture, interior arrangements, sanitary and electrical installations, linen, crockery

• loss, destruction or damage of original documents, left by them in order to complete, register and take into account the customers at the reception of the hotel, motel, etc. (e.g. identity cards, passports, birth certificates, accommodation statements, etc.) and the amounts spent in order to reconstitute, restore or replace these documents.

If the space where you carry out your activity is rented, with the Civil Liability Insurance Against the Ownerand the Owner Against the Tenant you have the necessary financial support to cover the damages caused by your company, in various situations, through bodily injuries and/or damage, destruction or damage to goods belonging to third parties, as a result of acts produced accidentally, through negligence or imprudence.

Atypical times have changed priorities for both employers and employees. Now, more than ever, offering a stable and well-paid employment contract is no longer enough. Personal, health and life insurance have gone from optional benefits to essential benefits. It is important to choose an insurerthat offers complete services of: preventiondiagnosistreatment. The most important benefits for employees are:

Health Insurance offers pre-defined or configurable coverage packages for outpatient medicalservices and for inpatient and surgical medical services.

Group Life Insurance provides financial compensation to employees in the event of hospitalization, surgery, temporary incapacity for work, partial or total disability, serious illness, death, etc., these amounts supplementing services in the state system.

We hope this material has helped you discover and better understand what the right insurance can do for you.

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