Last weekend’s charity quiz was a huge success, 200 of you signed up and over 600 euros raised for the Little People cancer care programs!

The next quiz is tomorrow, Wednesday the 29th of April. Zoom room opens at 7pm, quiz will start at 7.15pm. (Bucharest time – 5pm UK time)

The quiz will run on The code to join will be emailed to registered participants on the day of the quiz along with the zoom room link.

Quiz registration link –

Information about the quiz on Wednesday

Eight rounds of ten questions each. The themes are as follows:

  • Science and nature
  • Places
  • Music videos
  • Sports
  • Food and Drink (my favourite round:-)
  • TV and film
  • Brain Teasers – (killer round)
  • TV clips

The questions are all multiple choice. You will be given 4 options to choose from, with 10 seconds to answer and 10 seconds between questions. You will be given more time to answer the video clip and brain teaser rounds.


Each correct answer is worth 5 points.

Speed matters! The quiz platform will award you additional points for the fastest correct answers. (3 points for the fastest, 2 points for the 2nd fastest, 1 point for the 3rd fastest)

Scoring is automatic and in real time so you can see how you’re doing after each question.


We will be running a live commentary, but will not read the questions. After each round of 10 questions I will pause the quiz for a few minutes and say something silly or a bad joke, or comment on the progress of the quiz. You are welcome to join the zoom room or not.


Thank you for donating € 3, (some of you have donated more – thank you!!!) it supports the best little cancer charity in Romania.

Sadly, cancer does not isolate, nor go into lock-down and thus Little People’s work continues… so #F@ckCancer and #F@ckCovid19…. and well done for supporting!!

See you on Wednesday.