Support your child/teenager to develop a new skill, by studying a foreign language!

The A_BEST Foreign Language Center (, through the A_BEST Kids & Teens project, organizes foreign languages courses on demand, for children (over the age of 8) and teenagers. The online courses are held on Zoom platform and have the advantage of being accessible from any location. We organize online courses for the following foreign languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian, individually, in pairs or mini-groups (3 participants).

The foreign language courses organized by the A_BEST team are based on an interactive, dynamic learning method, connected to the “reality” of children/ teenagers. Due to the interactive teaching method, children/ teenagers learn to express themselves in a foreign language from the very first sessions. They also assimilate much easier the subject taught during the course sessions, under the guidance of an inquisitive, dedicated team of teachers, who are motivated to discover new things and who can relate to groups of children and adolescents. The activities can be adapted to the learning needs of the children/ teenagers, ensuring that the teaching process is dynamic and creative.

Upon request, we also provide online preparation courses for national/international examination in English, French or German.

For further details, please go to: (to learn more about our courses for children) and (for more details about our courses for teenagers).

❗️📩 Contact: / 0762 274 914.