Regardless of where we are, communicating with business partners can bring us closer, especially when we speak… the same language. Developing a new skill, such as studying a foreign language, is an opportunity that can be harnessed by companies even during this most difficult period, by exploring the resources at hand in the online environment. Online courses are not exactly a novelty; what they are is an alternative to the classic classroom teaching approach, and their main advantage is that they can be accessed by students from anywhere, following a flexible schedule.

We keep learning activities highly interactive, even ONLINE

For over a month now, A_BEST (, one of the largest independent foreign language learning centers in Romania, has moved online, and our team provides remote language services at the same high quality standards for companies operating on foreign markets and to which effective and fast communication with business partners is vital.

The most requested foreign languages are English, German, French and Romanian for foreigners. The corporate courses are held on platforms such as Zoom, Webex or Microsoft Teams, interactive and efficient communication tools, which also have the advantage of being accessible from any location. We encourage companies to continue facilitating employee access to language training programs, and in this period we are also offering attractive discounts for organizations that want to streamline training budgets”, said Aura Icodin, CEO & Founder of A_BEST Foreign Language Center.

The A_BEST Foreign Language Center delivers foreign and Romanian language courses for expats, more than 250 multinational companies being included in our client portfolio, from fields such as IT, telecommunications, banking, insurance, pharma, FMCG, transport and logistics. Moreover, the A_BEST portfolio comprises 10 foreign languages. We have been granted a national accreditation and three international accreditations. A_BEST is also the first local company to obtain the Quality Management System certification according to ISO 9001: 2015, following the audit carried out by the company TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH, a German third-party certification organization.

What are the benefits of A_BEST online corporate courses?

  • You can contribute to the employees’ development of language skills and to their further engagement in workplace activities through foreign language courses/language training programs;
  • You can help connect the work teams that are located in different cities and thus facilitate their access to the courses, as A_BEST delivers corporate courses both in Bucharest and in the country;
  • You can enable the participants’ interaction with each other during the courses, so as to build on the relationship between the teams and on their sense of belonging to a group;
  • You can put the employees of the company in contact with a team of professional trainers, who are constantly connected to the pulse of an ever-changing world;
  • You can offer employees the possibility to “relocate” the classroom to an accessible space, regardless of where they are and to participate in interactive language training sessions, which are held at the same quality standard and maintain a lively classroom atmosphere even in the ONLINE environment;
  • You can receive online course materials and reports from the A_BEST team, which meet 100% of the students’ specific language needs;
  • You can have access to a rigorous system of course organization and user-friendly platforms for evaluating learners.

What is more, we come in support of effective communication within your organization. The A_BEST Foreign Language Center also provides professional translation services, delivered directly by email, regardless of the company’s line of business. The A_BEST translator team is highly experienced and can translate the source text as accurately as possible into the target language. At the same time, the A_BEST translator team guarantees the strict confidentiality of the information contained in each client’s documents.

About the A_Best Foreign Language Center

A_BEST was set up in 2008 and it is one of the largest independent language learning centers in Romania. A_BEST offers complete language services, at international standards: foreign language courses – general/business/specialized language, open/corporate courses; Romanian courses for expats; foreign language courses for children; internationally recognized language tests; translations; linguistic audit; events dedicated to the academic environment. For further details, please go to